The Maze Runner Book and Movie

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Updated: Mar 07, 2023
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In the Maze Runner book and movie there are action packed chapters and scenes. The movie and book is more appealing for teenager boys rather than girls because action movie are more a boy movie, as well as it is not dramatized. The genre of the Maze Runner is a dystopian society ran by the boys that have been trapped in the maze for three years and are trying to find a way to get out of this puzzle like trap.

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The creators sent them there for testing to try and fix the flare. The movie adaptation of the Maze Runner has many similarities, but a few differences including the ending scene.

The movie casted characters that were represented in the book. The Book made everyone who reads it imagine what the characters look like but in the movie some of the characters were different acting and looking. As well as the events of the plot were similar when Minho, Thomas and Alby stayed the night in the maze and Thomas helped ably survive and Minho ran and all three got back safely; this was significant because no one has ever survived a night outside of the glade and Thomas, a greenie, just saved two of the most important people in the glade to keep it running. The scene that made me think how this happened is when gally gets out of the maze, but he doesn’t know where the grieved hole is; once the group escapes and gally returns to kill chuck in the movie and book. Chuck saved Thomas by jumping in front of him and “taking one for the team”.

The movie and book are different when Teresa and Thomas did not use telepathy to communicate which was a disappointment, because it was a huge part in the book that they created a bond no one knew about. When Teresa came through the box the reactions were different; the movie was very confused one when Teresa came out of the box with a paper that said the last one EVER. Compared to the book everyone knew what was happening and most of the glazers were looking at Thomas as if it was his fault. The night when the walls did not closed and the grievers came and took about ten people on the movie but; the book took one a night, it was significant because in the book it was a pyrrhic victory, as a example is they lost a person but at least he didn’t die.

In both kinds of entertainment the resolution is tremendously. The differences in the book has the survivors that go through the griever hole slide down this gigantic slide and ends up in a room with windows all around. There was the creators observing them and seeing what they are doing and how they acted. In the movie the the survivors enter a room then walk through this passage looking sewer.

When comparing and contrasting the Maze Runner my preference is the movie because I am more a visual learner. The Maze Runner is a great movie but an excellent book. Movie and book are a wonderful and time worthy for either choice you may proceed to pick. The Book puts more emotion and imagery in your mind than the movie.

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