Impressions of a Book and the Movie the Maze Runner

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Impressions of a Book and the Movie the Maze Runner

This essay will compare the book and movie versions of “The Maze Runner,” focusing on the differences in storytelling, character development, and how each medium presents the story’s themes. PapersOwl offers a variety of free essay examples on the topic of Book.

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The Maze Runner is a book written by James Dashner about a dystopian society. James Dashner has written a whole series from this book. There are multiple movies that are based on the books. The book story takes place in the future in a giant maze. Books that have movies made based on the story have similarities and differences. With this book and movie, there are many similarities and differences in the storyline and characters’.

In both the book and movie the main character named Thomas, comes up from a elevator that brings him to the Glade.

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The way the girl went into a coma as soon as she came to the Glade was the same in both the book and movie. Another similarity between the book and movie is when Thomas and Minoh survived in the Maze overnight. When Thomas killed the Griever in the Maze when he survived the Maze with Minho. Chuck and Thomas had a friendship in both the book and movie. Ultimately by the end of the book and movie most of the Gladers escape from the Maze. Following with similarities there are differences within books.

In both forms of media the way the elevator looked when Thomas came up into the Glade looked different. In the book it was just a metal box and in the movie it was a metal box that had holes big enough to look out of everywhere. When Thomas actually got out of the Box in the movie, me ran far into the field. In this scene in the book Thomas is helped up by all of the boys and they ask him what his name is. Also after Thomas got out of the Box in the movie the other boys put him in the Pit , or in the book it is called the Slammer. With the leader of the Glade, Alby, he was barely in the movie but in the book most of the time. Lastly the way he died was so much different because in the movie a Griever took him when the door closed, but in the book Alby sacrificed himself for the other Gladers escape.

The book is better than the movie because you can enjoy it longer than the movie because it is longer. A movie can’t be five hours long because nobody wants to sit for five hours to watch one movie. Counter to that , people enjoy reading for a really long time without stopping and complete the book in one night. Next the book is better because you can picture what the characters look like yourself than a movie that has a specific actor than imagining what you think. Finally this form of media of this story is better because it gives so much more details about the biggest and smallest event within the story.

After reading this book and watching the movie, you can realize how many similarities and differences are in it. The book was better because it had more detail than the movie and it was longer. The movie could have been better because it left out too many important details and relationships with the characters. The biggest similarity is that in both the Gladers escape and leave the Maze. Now the biggest difference is how Alby was barely in the movie and in the book he was almost always there.

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