The Invention of the IPhone

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It is hard to imagine living a day without a phone or a source of communication, but not so long ago people had no choice and had to live without a cell phone. The first source of communication developed was the telegraph in the 1830s by Samuel Morse with some input from other inventors, since the development of the telegraph an enormous amount of advantages were created to make communication faster and simpler. Cell phones are the latest source of communication invented and sixty-two point nine percent of the world has a cell phone. Cell phones can also interact with our computers as fast as a couple of clicks which makes life especially easier for students, if they start working on notes, projects, or papers at school they can easily sign on at home and finish their work at home that they started at school. Cell phones have made terrific and gigantic improvements to our lives and have helped us get work done quickly. Cell phones have impacted society positively.

As stated by “A telephone is an instrument which converts sound specifically the human voice, to electrical impulses of various frequencies and then back to a tone that sounds like the original voice.” After the telegraph, the next big invention was the telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. He invented the telephone by using parts of electrical equipment. One year after he developed the telephone he formed the Bell Telephone Company. The first telephone had many advantages including keeping families from all over the world connected. It also made communication faster, because mail could take a long time to be delivered from person to person. Since the invention of the telephone the amount of phones in the United States increased. In 1877 there was reported to be 2,600 phones in the United States, in 1880 there was 48,000 phones reported in the United States, and in 1890 there was 150,000 phones reported in the United States. The first telephone was a major turning point in the world. The telephone invention sparked many ideas in younger people to invent even quicker ways of communication.

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The telephones was a great invention and it helped people communicate, but it could not be used anywhere in world. In 1983 Martin Cooper invented the first handheld cell phone. As stated by “the cell phone could only be used for a half an hour, before recharging.” The cell phone was also large in size, weight, and design. The cell phone was expensive, so unfortunately only the wealthy class used the cell phones. A few years later it became more common for everyone to have a cell phone in their homes. Advantages of the cell phone was communication became even faster than the telephone. As stated by “disasters would be able to receive fast help and more businesses became to grow.” The first cell phone helped made life easier for many people. Communication was quick and simple. No more waiting a few days to hear from loved ones in different areas of the country. As it did not seem possible at the time, the cell phone will change for the better. The improved version of the cell phone will change the world completely. People will be amazed with new improvements made to this already jaw-dropping development.

The latest cell phone developed was the iPhone. The iPhone was developed by Steve Jobs who is co-founder of the company Apple. Steve Jobs and Apple made this major development in 2007. On June 29, 2007 the iPhone became available to everyone. The invention of a touchscreen phone rocked society. People were lined up everywhere to see and obtain this superb invention of the iPhone. To the naked eye the iPhone was no different than other smartphones that have been developed. But Steve Jobs and Apple bumped the simple applications up a notch. In accordance to the camera was one of those applications that Apple made improvements to, “the camera is clear, and there are two cameras: one on the back and one on the front.” Phone calling was also enhanced by Apple as stated by “while on a call, someone can use other applications.” That simple change made life much easier for people to multitask on a busy schedule. Lastly, a positive addition to the iPhone was texting. Texting was used on the smartphone but, not to the extent Apple helped it reach. Texting on the iPhone became much easier because conversations are color coded, group chats became a developed feature, iMessage enables senders to text with wifi and not data, Emoji were also a fun development that made texting fun and sincere. With these new adjustments it is effortless to call, text, and take pictures. These simple tasks, not long before, took an immense time to complete.

It is not difficult to see how each development from the telephone to the cell phone altered life. Society was impacted for the better. Time is one of the most precious things people have. Each improvement made sure time was not wasted on a task that could be so straightforward.

iPhones have become very common for people of all ages to have, in accordance to “everyone from elementary school kids to senior citizens own at least one.” Todd Starkweather, a general studies program director and South University, stated that some people might be addicted to their iPhones. According to a study taken by people who had conversations with one another, without their iPhones present had a more meaningful and intelligent conversation than people who had a conversation with their iPhones present. Although this might be true, it should not downsize all the good improvements iPhones had on lives.

According to the huge impacts that the first iPhone brought to society can now be used in our daily lives, at schools, factories, and in the workforce. Some of examples are in construction workers are using them to read blueprints, doctors are using them to accurately diagnose patients, and even the government are using iPhones. To be more specific the government are using them to improve services. Since the invention of the iPhone, Apple developed more touchscreen devices.

It’s hard to imagine how Steve Jobs and Apple could make the iPhone even more groundbreaking, but they did. Apple developed a new predictive-text software, spell check, cut, copy, and paste. The new software and upgrade made writing papers, emails, and sending messages colossally easy. To making finding answers easier Apple introduced Siri, a voice assistant that allows users to speak question without typing them. Many people now have a devices that with the word “Siri”, “Alexa”, or “Google” any question can be answered with these devices. Another huge breakthrough was the invention of the application, App Store, it made people able to buy any application they wanted for any reason. For example applications could be used for school work, communication, health and fitness, and even fun. With this invention the TV ad and catchphrase “there’s an app for that” was born and is a true statement about the development of applications.

The cell phone has impacted society tremendously. People are now able to call and text with a few clicks rather than wait days, weeks, or even months to receive a letter. From the first communication invention in the 1830s to 2018 inventors and companies have changed the way we do everyday tasks. Without these developments we would not have been able to make advancements in other fields most importantly medicine. Medicine has been affected the most by technology. Without these inventions society would not be functioning like it is today. Technology has a positive impact on society because it makes everyday tasks especially calling easier, developments in new fields that can save lives, and helps people find answers in a minute that took people, twenty years ago, more than an hour to find an answer.

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