Struggle of African Women

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Beneatha was going through enormous about of stress in a male-dominated world around her. Even from her own brother who did not support her. When Beneatha boyfriend Joseph Asagia asked her to marry him and move to African with him. This made Beneatha concerned about her dream of being a doctor. In the conversation Between Beneatha and Walter. Hansberry write, “Girl, if you don’t get them silly ideas out of your head! You better marry yourself a man with some loot…” (Walter-Benatha150). After the money lost along with Beneatha collage money. Knowing that fact she is not able to peruse her career Beneatha is devasted.

In spite of all the stress and discrimination against women during her time, she is courageous to stand strong and never to give up on her dream to become a doctor. Mama, Ruth and Beneatha, these three courageous women save Walter. When lost hope in his dream. Walter has decided to contact Mr. Linder and accept his offer. In the Mama and Walter, Hansberry writes, No Travis, you stay right here. And you make him understand what your doing, Walter Lee. You teach him good. Like Willy Harris taught you. You show where our five-generation done come to…Walter Go sun (Mama- Walter147). Mama strong believes makes Walter change his mind and become the man he should be.

In conclusion, Mama has strong values and ideas about how to run the family. She knows that fact the there is risk involved, she is fully aware of all danger involved in moving yet she buys a house in white people area to improve her families living situation and to show strength and determination of a strong African American women. Ruth with all the stress she is dealing with, she still continues to help the family and move to a house.

Beneatha through all the prejudice, sexism, stress, and discrimination she faced she still stood strong and dedicated to becoming a doctor. These women stand strong, they show confidence independence of African American women. Throughout the play, Hansberry successfully expressed the voices of the many African American male and female. Mama, Ruth, and Beneatha through these three female characters Hansberry exemplify the courageous African American women. She displays the hard-working women who went through allots of struggle Yet, they stood strong and never gave up on their dreams.

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