Sexual Assault in the Military and how Fix it

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Bystanders intervention can play a massive roll in deterring sexual assault / harassment within the Army. With battle buddies watching out for one while they party in the barracks with a direct approach. Talking to the chain of command about what you witness and let them handle the situation to the best of their ability. If you feel like these would not be the solution to the problem, Soldiers can always talk to the SHARP representative. With these easy steps, Soldiers can lower their numbers of sexual assault/ harassment and make the U.

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S. Army a more suitable work environment.

A way as bystanders can deter sexual assault/ harassment is by taking appropriate action with the individuals in a direct approach. Incidents that sexual assault/ harassment accrue are in barracks parties with other fellow junior soldiers, and NCOs turned out to have also alcohol incidents as well. Soldiers should watch out for one each other ensuring people do not drink too much where they can make that wrong choices. Soldiers who use a direct approach should do so, without fear, and respectful to the ones who were consulted and inform them that their actions are not acceptable as a professional. Soldiers need to correct each other with on the spot corrections on and off duty.

There are incidents that bystanders notice at work, and if they feel like the direct approach is not appropriate action at the time, can talk to the Chain of Command. Higher rank officials can inform the soldier who has been affected by the crime of what options they have and can be used as a third party as well in confronting of the accused. “Commanding officers in the military have a wide range of tools available to enforce good order and discipline.” (Stimson, 2013). If the accused is found guilty of the crime, they can be punished Under of the code of military and justice. Soldiers that are found guilty will be the example that their behavior will not be tolerated. If bystanders feel afraid of being reprimand for going to their chain of command they can go to a SHARP representative.

There are multiple SHARP representatives within the Army: company, battalion, and division. The bystander can inform The SHARP representative of what happens and give the contact information of the soldier. The SHARP representative then will get in contact with the soldier who is affected by the crime and get their statement. They will inform the Soldier of the options they have with the many reporting they have. If a soldier feels that they don’t want their chain of command to know they can file a restricted if sexual assault or informal report if its sexual harassment. They can get the help they need without questioned by the chain of command so they can heal. They can file a restricted if sexual assault or formal report to start an investigation.

There are multiple ways for a bystander to intervein if they witness a sexual assault/ harassment within their units. It takes courage to stand up for their fellow soldiers and make sure people make the right choices in barracks parties. If bystanders feel like that will not work, they can as well go to their chain of command and talk to a SHARP representative. Bystanders cannot eliminate Sexual assault / harassment in the military, but with these three simple steps, they can play a significant roll on deterring the problem so other Soldiers can see them as an example both on and off duty.


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