Sexism, Sexual Harassment and Violence

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Updated: Apr 27, 2021
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Sexism, Sexual Harassment and Violence essay

Sexism is known to be the prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, usually against ladies, on the idea of sex.Fact of the matter is that everyone reports pain differently, so one person can be complaining of pain being off the charts while showing none of the expected symptoms, while another can be completely incapacitated yet call their level of pain moderate. The place the sexism comes in is in making the assumption that if a man complains he must be in bad shape, while a woman is expected to begin complaining as soon as she becomes uncomfortable. On one end of the stick, this problem can result in mental health issues for women. Men and women obviously have different pain tolerances, but women report feeling more intense pain.

When men report to have pain, they are treated more fairly and taken more serious. Doctors are more likely to give painkillers for men, but something that isn’t as effective for women.This is because in a hospital setting men are valued more. Male doctors won’t attend to women because of women being known to have dramatic spasms, they feel as if they are faking.

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A sexist joke is classified as an act of sexual violence and may be looked at as a totally different and unrelated standard, however they’re actually related. Given its cruel nature and sexually profiled standing to the idea of gender discrimination and sexist beliefs and behaviors, sexual objectification demands close attention so we can achieve a better understanding of its consequences. Young women are also heavily impacted by the opinions and comments of those closest to them, including their family members, friends, and coworkers.

Knowing the beliefs of women and their personal values of those beliefs can affect a woman’s body image. It is necessary in order to help women overcome any challenges related to self-worth, self-esteem, and positive self-image. Women’s health issues have been neglected in many economic, and social circles . Studies have proven that women are intellectually more inclined than men in some areas. So instead of neglecting the female species we should start to embrace them more often.

Although some progress has been attained in this area, many of the issues facing women continue to be pushed aside, neglected, and outright ignored by the male-dominated medical community. People are much better at reading pain when a man’s face shows it rather than when a woman’s does. Interestingly, when a person’s face is displaying pain, observers identify it as a male oriented feature. Women are more likely to seek treatment for chronic pain, but are also more likely to be incorrectly treated by health care providers. Sometimes, the effects of sexism and implicit gender bias are difficult to show. However, in the case of women’s health care, there’s very little ambiguity. Women should be aware of what these problems look like, so that they can identify doctors who similarly understand them and can fairly diagnose and treat them.

Sexual violence and rape create barriers to living a full life at every level, and sexual assault affects women at epidemic rates. The experience of sexual profiling is not categorized to personal interactions with strangers or other unknown strangers . Most media outlets create different scenarios that expose women to sexual objectification, especially taking in that women are depicted in the media in a sexually objectifying manner. Advertisements, television shows, movies, music videos, newspaper articles, and pornography all depict sexually profiled images of women.

A majority of people reported lifetime experiences of sexism . Women are often known to be bystanders to sexist comments directed towards other women. Research shows that women often experience alot of negative emotions when they are the victims of sexism and other women who witness the degrading remark can also be affected. Women tend not to speak up but watch from the crowd. Tis just goes to show that women in past decades didn’t have the voice or courage to speak up yet.

Women have been faced with troubles dating as far back as the 1700’s. Female activists were known to be around during this time period. A famous female activist we all know as Susan B. Anthony was documented to be fighting for the right for women to be able to vote. After years of fighting for what they believed in and fighting for respect they are finally getting the recognition they deserve. They are knowingly and willing ready to accept the challenges that come with being a successful women in today’s world .

Sexism can be one of the most hurtful and influential factors of a women’s everyday life. Depression, mental breakdowns, and anxiety can be a possible outcome of the negative experience that sexism causes. Not to mention it’s already hard for a women to strive in the world we live in today. I personally commend the positive female figures who are making a difference today. They continue to show upcoming generations that it isn’t always a male dominated society.

Not only is sexism strongly identified within women, but gender discrimination is a form of sexism. Gender discrimination is the intolerance toward people based on their gender identification. The level of discrimination that is received is deranged in our generation. This relates to sexism because it can cause change within people’s work, their pay, behavior, and their attire. Sexism has no specific setting and can be done at any place you could possibly think of.

Sexism was strongly accepted before some of our own african american women became successful despite the severity of discrimination. For example our previous first lady Michelle Obama was the first african american first lady in office. Not only did she have the title of the first lady but she did better things to help benefit our community. She offered healthier lunch meals for the kids in all schools, broke political barriers, and other special accomplishments. Women are paving way for others to see that they should be proud of the things that they have done.

There are multiple types of feminist in the 21st century advocating for women of the future. Racial, Third wave, Socialist, the list goes on and on. The fact of the matter is that women all over the world are advocating in different to help women get the respect that they deserve. We as men don’t often show our appreciation when it comes down to the work women do. Women in the past were always given accolades for their achievements.

Women’s history isn’t touched on enough in schools and across the world. Some famous women have accomplished great things while having the rights and breaking barriers while doing it. Rosa parks is a great example of a woman who achieved great heights. She was known to the public by many nicknames such as, The First Lady Of Civil Rights and, The Mother Of The Freedom Movement. She created pathways for other female activists to stand up for what they believed in.

Mental health also plays a huge role in a women’s life. From the time she grows up to the time she passes on they will face sexual racism in many different scenarios. Sexism can occur at a breakfast diner, an office building, or even on the couch of your own home. No matter where a woman is she will more than likely always be compared to a man in some shape or fashion. This can affect her mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Statistics show of how women are notably more common to have anxiety, attempt suicide, and have a higher alcohol tolerance than men. This brings up another point in the medical field. Doctors particularly males ones are most likely to diagnose men more carefully than women. Studies have shown that they are more valued in society.

Sexism in the workplace is extremely degrading and can cause serious mental health problems for a women. A female may qualify for the highest position in her office building but will be denied because of her gender. This occurs sometimes more than often because some men are intimidated by a strong hard working female. Some men believe that if a women is in a higher position than them they feel as if they are weak and incompetent. When denied a high position of power this now puts the female in a reflective stage called Bulimia asking themselves am i enough .

Bulimia is an emotional disorder involving distortion of body image and excessive weight gain. Mental health can cause a women’s brain and body to shut down and isolate itself into a state of depression. This also causes the women to act out in certain behaviors whether it be at home, in the workplace, or a breakfast diner . This disorder is associated with many problems dealing with women across the globe. This may enable her to be able to function properly throughout the day.

Political women are becoming a huge factor in today’s world. Earlier in my essay i touched on Michelle Obama, a positive asset in american history. She opened doors that only others could imagine. While her husband as busy running the country she was attending to her own affairs. She participated in activities such as Nickelodeon, Her Law Firm, University admin., and being a Writer. With all of these attributes, she still manages to take care of her family and her business. This proves that strong women are making a big impact in society and on certain occasion they should be celebrated.

Multiple job opportunities are taken away from women because of gender. Gender equality comes in many forms but the most common is in the work field. This occurs when a woman may be more qualified for a position but clearly wont receive it just because she is a woman. A woman is expected to be a nurturer, a caretaker, gentle so on and so forth. They are not classified as workers and aren’t valued enough to where a man in a higher position might think to need them.

Sexual harassment policies are supposed to be put in place to protect both males and females in the workplace. Although these rules are set in stone they still aren’t abided by. This is an unlawful form of sex discrimination. These rules define sexual harassment as verbal, non verbal, or physical mistreatment of any other. These rules are not followed by the anti feminist within a company, not because they choose not to, but because they would be considered weak or in a sense showing favoritism to the female counterpart.

Shirley Chisholm was the first African American to be elected into States’ Congress. After many accomplishments, she decided to run for president. She was not elected into office as the President of the United States, and it most likely had something to do with sexism and racism. People in this country have to realize no mental test says a man is more intelligent than a woman. We here in the United States have become so hung-up on gender discrimination. We waste our energy talking about the differences between men and women and, not the similarities. Women have talent, and They have ability. We should allow them to use it. Don’t reject them because they are woman. Shirley Chisholm dealt with sexism just as much as women do in today’s world. They rejected her because she was a woman and didn’t feel that she was equipped with enough wisdom and skill to be the president because of her gender. Honestly she was just as equipped as the next person, but in this case the next man or white male.

If you honestly think about it, there are a lot of women who are brainwashed and don’t know what sexism is or what it looks like. Men or people in general, have put into the minds of women that the male is more superior. Let’s take the most recent presidential election for example. Overall, a higher percentage of women voted for Clinton, much higher than the percentage of women who voted for Trump. Almost half of the women that voted, voted for Trump. They most likely didn’t know or understand how sexist of a man Trump is. Despite his sexist and degrading remarks during the election he somehow manipulated more than half the population of women to believe in his campaign. I’m sure if they were more informed on his actions, the results would’ve come out differently.

Sexism in politics isn’t just a twenty-first century situation. It’s been going on for a long time. It was here in the twentieth century, also. The twentieth century is when women started to get interested in politics, or even jobs other than domestic ones. Before that century, women were taught to stay at home to cook, clean and take care of the children. My grandmother is 72 years of age . She was born 1941. She has two daughters, my mother and my aunt. She couldn’t stress enough to them that, you are to be seen and not heard. My mother told me when she was growing up this phrase was recited throughout the house day in and day out. My Grandfather the provider of the family at the time had two jobs but still managed to make time for them. This phrase was spoken because women were told to never speak their mind, but to sit down and be quiet. Once the twentieth century came, that was their change.

In 1900 women’s legal status was governed by their marital status. They were classified based off of their husband. Women had no legal separation from her husband.The crazy part is that this was the law, literally women had to abide by this. Having a woman hold a public position in office was unheard of back then. Women started to realize how wrong these laws were. People like Alice Paul, Shirley Chisholm, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Mary Mcleod Bethune to speak out against these laws.

Alice Paul was a woman who fought for sex discrimination and the right to vote. Shirley Chisholm was a politician in fact she was the First politician to be accepted onto the board of the U.S. Congress. Mary Mcleod Bethune fought for women’s rights, along Susan B. Anthony following her footsteps she fought for women to be able to vote. These women together were able to accomplish something bigger than themselves. With their vision they were able to make sure that women’s voices were no longer push aside and unheard. They stood for what they believed in and got the respect they deserved.

Sexism is a critical and touchy standard and rarely gets attention. Sexism can come up anytime anywhere. A manican in a store, a model on a magazine cover, or comparison to any other female can cause a woman to shut down and ultimately become upset with society. Body image is also a factor that can play into a females emotions and become a critical part of her mental stability. Keeping a women in her place was all part of a husband’s plan to keep his family aligned. This plan was crucial and destined to work because women are skilled caretakers and are valued as so.

The future is bright for women. I and many others see the potential that they posses and they show no signs of weakness or seek admiration. Studies have shown that when a woman is complemented it makes her feel as if she can do any and everything imaginable. Take the workplace setting for example, a woman can come in work a 9 to 5 all week and walk around with a huge smile. one simple compliment or admiration to what a great job she is doing could push her to do so much more.

Touching on the admiration of women we have a holiday just for their special recognition. According to google Woodrow Wilson in 1914 designated a proclamation that on a specific sunday in May all mothers would be celebrated. This holiday is called Mothers days an is globally known by many. It is a day where mothers only receive special recognition and sometimes gifts depending on what they have done. Since the 20th century women are finally starting to be idolized for what they do.

Certain male figures aren’t as cautious as women. Women have a high impact on the way we live and our everyday life whether we know it or not. Women bare children with this task they challenged with the ability to carry a child for 9 months. While doing all this they manage to juggle other tasks as well. This just goes to show how much women strong women at that are needed in our society.

Most men have always had that first thought that women are detrimental to society or anything dealing with intellectual standards. Most are stuck in their ways and are oblivious to the fact that women are an asset to us and we need to cherish them as long as we can. A female teacher for example can probably reach a kids soft spot faster than a males. This reason is because the female counterpart is more nurturing and is willing to listen while the male wants things done in the nick of time. Women are patient gentle creatures and deserve to be treated as such.

With women having one of the most important roles on the planet there presence should not be neglected. As a male i feel for the female culture and what they endure and have endured. I personally do not condone sexist remarks or feminists, and if they are said around me or to a female counterpart in my family i personally would address it. This sensitive subject that i wrote about should open my readers eyes on the idea of sexism and encourage them to end it as well.

As i bring this essay to a conclusion i wanted to shed light on some positive solutions on how we can bring an end to sexism. First off we can start by not critiquing everything our women do. They try their best with what they’re given. So the fact that they are putting themselves out there in any male dominant profession they deserve a pat on the back. Also the harsh remarks on how they aren’t equal, they’ll never be as good has to stop. I trust that any task given they will do to the best of their ability. Without a doubt in my mind i say that if we bring an end to the sexual slurs, remarks, and posts we can function better as a whole.

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