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The story of “”Oedipus Rex takes place in front of the palace, Thebes, which is a doomed city-state. Geographically the story takes place in Athens, Greece. Since this is the case, it is a traditional tragedy, and if a story takes place in Greece, the time of the story is the fifth century, BCE. I know that this is a traditional tragedy since there is a king in the story, and there are not kings in the modern tragedies, also the story does not end happily. Oedipus Rex is believed to be written in 430 b.c. Oedipus needs to be produced in this period because that is when the story is most relevant relating to the plot of the story. The events that happen during this story do not happen in modern time. For example, having a ruler as a king and/or queen, and having servants.

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The city of Thebes suddenly gets the Plague. The queen thinks is ironic, or almost karma, because it happens right after King Laius, her husband, was murdered, so she believes this is the punishment they are all receiving from the mysterious murder case. The case of the death of King Laius goes unsolved, and Oedipus accuses the person who murdered the King was a man named Creon. He believed that Creon had a plan to take over the spot of the King. Although, this is not the case, because Oedipus is the person who murdered King Laius. Oedipus wants to murder Creon, since he is the so called murderer of the king, but Queen Jocasta tells him not to, and that violence is not the answer, Oedipus then banishes Creon. Oedipus solves a riddle, which then makes him King, and so he has to marry Jocasta. Unknowing, Jocasta is his mother.

There is a theory that the person who murdered King Laius, was his son. They believe that this can not be true because when their son was born, they abandoned the child up on a mountain. This theory is true, because Oedipus is their son, but nobody knows this, not even Oedipus himself until he becomes more suspicious and begins to believe he is the son, and the murderer. He was told that he was the son of Polybus, but later a man told him that this is not true, and that he was found by a sheppard. They brought back the shepherd that found him, and he admitted to knowing who he was, but out of pity he gave him to Corinthian to raise as a foster child. Oedipus then discovers when he walks into the castle that Jocasta has hung herself by her hair. Then, he stabs his eyes out so he cannot see what he has done, and is feeling very guilty. He goes and confesses what he has done. He is the reason for this plague, and is the reason for the death of King Laius, and also he is now the reason for the death of Jacoasta. At the end, he wants to go far away so that nobody will ever have to see him again because he is so distraught from what he has done.

The rising action of Oedipus Rex is when there is a plague that has come over the city, and King Laius is murdered, and they do not know who murdered him. The climax of the story is when Oedipus finds out that he is the reason that his father, King Laius is dead, and that he murdered him. Also, that he is the reason for the plague.The solution of the story is at the end when his consequences results in his mother hanging herself, which results in him stabbing out his eyes so he becomes blind.

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