Antigone Vs Oedipus the King Civil Disobedience

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Updated: May 16, 2022
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Antigone struggled between the loyalty to her brother and Creon’s decree. She wanted to give her brother a proper burial so he could have a peaceful afterlife. However, Creon demanded that no one bury Antigone’s brother. I can relate to Antigone because I have wanted to help my friend when she got herself in trouble. However, my parents said I was not allowed to contact her because she was a negative influence. I believe that Antigone has the right to bury her brother.

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Even though Creon is the king, it is not humane to leave a dead body out in the open. It is very traumatizing to everyone, we . Al tae especially the family members. 4% “iy Bf a F 

Antigone is characterized as somewhat arrogant but very confident. She is not Eeitgror fe eaetimid like the other women of that time. She believes that her brother deserves a proper burialso she gives it to him. Despite Creon demanding that the dead man be left out for the birds and animals. Creon is characterized as a very self-centered and selfish ruler. ie ‘ it -«.. He has no regard for the people of the city. He only cares about his own pride and ego. + 5 ef a“ is he we q 4.) Similar to Antigone, Haimon is also stuck in a dilemma. He is going to marry Antigone. Thy – bn gw 9 He is not sure if he should take his father’s side or his future wife’s side. Judging from a es ay an f the conversation between Creon and Haimon, it is clear to see that the son is wiser than de a errencn ft AO g Pe. the father.

Haimon attempts to convince Creon to let Antigone go. However, Creon is yw a a“ ee ee ad stuck on his. stubborn waysperegh holds a very strong opinion about the laws of the city set forth by him. He believes that the law of the land is superior to all other beliefs. Antigone believes that wel feo 47′ pew a Gect a wars ‘ wt God’s laws are above the laws of the land. She does not see the importance in the fe » ‘ a zs U ove) a set forth by Creon for the city. Both characters had different perspectives of what is ib yh re é ey considered right or wrong. Creon thought he was doing the right thing by protecting pa f Zac “at!

Thebes. He wanted to be respected as a ruler and he thought this would make the people respect him. However, he did not consider how the people truly felt about his laws and actions. He acted in pride and selfishness. Antigone believed what she was doing was right because she was being loyal to her family. ath fo fhe gods.  Creon is seen from two different perspectives in Oedipus Rex and Antigone.

In Oedipus Rex, Creon wants to help Oedipus in his journey on finding the true killer. Oedipus is paranoid and accuses Creon of plotting against him. In Antigone, Creon becomes the new king after the tragic death of Oedipus. In a way, he is a similar king to Oedipus. He becomes paranoid as well and accuses his own son of plotting against him. 

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