About Justice Wargrave

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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About Justice Wargrave

This essay will provide an in-depth character analysis of Justice Wargrave from Agatha Christie’s novel. It will discuss his role in the plot, his psychological profile, and his impact on the story’s development and themes. More free essay examples are accessible at PapersOwl about Justice.

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What are his personality traits? Justice Wargrave is an intelligent, unwelcoming, and assertive individual. While Justice Wargrave was in the field, so to speak, he had a reputation of being a “hanging judge. He was the type of judge who persuaded the juries to side with the guilty verdicts. Agatha Christie describes Wargrave as an old and grotesque looking individual. With a frog-like face, and pale penetrating eyes. Once the situation on Indian Island becomes more evident that the murderer is perhaps on the island they turn to Wargrave for being their leader.

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From Wargrave accepting this position of authority, it is evident that he is strong willed, determined, and charismatic ( as those are the characteristics of a leader). Justice Wargrave is the first of the people on the island to bring up the public matter of a homicidal maniac on the island, as well as realizing that the murderer is part of their group. In the group meetings on the island, he takes the position of a judge making final decisions in court. Wargrave looks over and evaluates the given evidence, enables searches on the island itself as well as the personal possessions of certain individuals. This action of wargrave illustrates explicit and rigorous determination to find out who the murderer is. In this phase of wargraves life we see him trying to make the island a better place ” It is abhorrent to me that an innocent person or creature should suffer or die by any act of mine. I have always felt strongly that right should prevail.

Is he a simple or complicated person? Wargrave is a complicated individual for the following reasons. It is Wargrave’s engagement within the law as well as involvement with criminals that makes the other individuals look to him as a leader with experience in these desired fields. Wargrave’s in the past has dealt with criminals as well as law.Towards the end of the book it is revealed that Wargrave is the killer. He plans out the entire scene, selects his ten victims, buys the island, and then acts as is he is part of the group of people stuck on the island. Since all of his victims are said to be guilty of murder, Wargrave acts like a detective as well as an individual who strives for justice making sure that the ‘murderers’ are punished for their crimes as an example, as well as for justice. Despite Wargrave’s cruel and unusual plan he claims to be a man of justice and kindness “But side by side with this went a contradictory trait – a strong sense of justice. It is abhorrent to me that an innocent person or creature should suffer or die by any act of mine. I have always felt strongly that right should prevail. From this quote we see that Wargrave claims to be good but really has evil intentions. On the contra we how Wargrave is a sadist, gaining pleasure from murder. As a boy, he killed insects for fun, and he brings the same perseverance of murder to the island to his task on Indian Island. From the above examples of how his mind and actions contradict with one another it is evident that he is a complicated individual “From my earliest youth I realized that my nature was a mass of contradictions.

Is he a good or an evil person? Justice Wargrave is an evil person for the following reasons. Mr. Wargrave created an entire scheme, where he bought an island, selected ten individuals and claims their to be a mysterious murder (himself). It seems to be that the reason he created this scandal was to simply kill innocent people. It is evident that he wanted to be the murderer in an outlandish way, and for it to remain unknown who the murdered is “I must – I must – I must – commit a murder! And what is more, it must be no ordinary murder! It must be a fantastical crime – something stupendous – out of the common!

Is he sane or insane? Justice Wargrave is indefinitely insane. As mentioned before Wargrave created an entire game plan, where he bought an island, selected ten individuals and “placed a mysterious murder on the island (himself). He claims to not want to hurt any innocent individuals “It is abhorrent to me that an innocent person or creature should suffer or die by any act of mine, but ends up killing several innocent people on the island. In addition Mr. Wargrave says “From an early age I knew very strongly the lust to kill. This drastic polar mindset exemplifies the fact that he is insane.

Explain what view of human nature and attitude toward civilization the author (Christie) Christie is trying to illustrate the barbaric attitude and behavior of humans with one another. She illustrates the point that, when people are put into difficult and life-threatening situations, they turn to a barbaric manner and lose their humanity as well as their morality. In addition, she points out that there are just simply insane people in the world who will do horrible things with no reason. Such as Justice margrave murdering innocent people.

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