The Girl (Jig) Character Analysis in Hills Like White Elephants

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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In the short story “Hills Like White Elephants,” the main argument of the story is abortion. The character Jig and her significant other argue over whether to have the abortion or not. The characters, Jig and her significant other, are on opposing sides vaguely describing their sides with descriptions of the “hills”.

Throughout the story Jig and the man are talking back and forth about “something”, the abortion, that will make both of them happier. Jig keeps on coming back to her description of the hills. “They look like white elephants,” Jig explains (Hemingway 274). Jig’s bright and happy description is immediately shot down by the man saying, “I’ve never seen one”. This reflects the couples opposing views on getting an abortion. While Jig sees this as a new opportunity, the man sees this as something that will hurt their relationship. In the story, Jig asked the man “…if I do it, you’ll be happy, and things will be like they were?” (Hemingway 274) In reality, this would not happen. For a while it might seem like this is the best decision, but as time goes on and the couple matures, they will regret it.

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At the end of the short story, the man asks, “Do you feel better?” Jig then explains that she feels fine”. (Hemingway 274) Jig will not go through with the operation no matter what the man says. Because of her optimistic view of her pregnancy, Jig will not have the heart to go through with it. Jig gets fed up with the man and tells him, “Would you please please please please please please please stop talking?” then when he talks again, she says “I’ll scream.” The man’s constant nagging at Jig wanting her to get the abortion finally gets to Jig.

In conclusion, the short story “Hills Like White Elephant” has a very powerful storyline. Jig’s optimistic personality and the man’s view that they will be happier without the baby clash when they are arguing over whether to have an abortion or not. Overall Jig’s personality wins the argument and the man will have to face the option of whether to stay with the baby and Jig or to leave her.

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