Introverts in the Workplace

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The workplace is a more comfortable environment than networking events because it is familiar to the introverts and they know their coworkers. There are other issues that must be addressed in the workplace. One of these problems will be team projects. The introvert should get to know the group better before they are comfortable working together. They can do this by doing simple ice breaker activities that will only take minutes to perform. Introductions in team projects are difficult for many introverts because they are thrown into a group of people they do not know.

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After ice breakers, the group must learn the extent of the project and delegate duties based on the individuals’ strengths and weaknesses. This is key for the success of introverts within the group; if the introvert is not strong with the part they are given, they will be more stressed then necessary. The introvert may not inform the group that they are not strong with the task they were given due to fear of upsetting the others. However, failure to complete the task will lead to the team looking at the introvert negatively because of their poor performance. Request a part of the project that the introvert knows he/she can perform exceptionally so the outcome is in the introvert’s favor. Other daily tasks have their own issues within the workplace for introverts.

Routine work-related conversations may be difficult for some introverts. Introverts can use email and work direct message boards to communicate with bosses and coworkers about the job at hand. However, over-use of such tools may lead to assumptions of not wanting to have face-to-face discussions. To overcome this, introverts can plan ahead with any questions they have about the work or offer suggestions that they see fit for the company. If they believe their suggestions may receive pushback from management, then be ready with any rebuttals to not be caught off guard. Preparation is a key aspect for the success of introverts in the workplace wanting to further their career and be a better team player.

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