The Devil and Tom Walker: Romanticism

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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The Devil and Tom Walker: Romanticism

Examine Washington Irving’s “The Devil and Tom Walker” from a Romanticism perspective. Discuss elements like the supernatural, nature, individualism, and moral messages. Analyze how Irving employs Romantic characteristics to critique societal issues and human nature, and the story’s relevance to contemporary readers. At PapersOwl too, you can discover numerous free essay illustrations related to American Literature.

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Washington Irving stated “The Devil and Tom Walker” as a component of a short stories assortment named “Stories of a Traveler” in 1824. Set in New England during the 1700s, Walker offering his spirit to Satan for treasure is one awful segment to this story that may appear everything except heartfelt. Notwithstanding, “The Devil and Tom Walker,” which is frequently educated in secondary school writing classes, offers numerous qualities that are important for the heartfelt writing type.

“The Devil and Tom Walker” is an illustration of romanticism in American writing.

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Romanticism was an imaginative development in the nineteenth century that advanced singularity, feeling, love and nature. Romanticism inside writing extended the internal sensations of characters and provoked them to change their pasts. Characters, like Tom, his significant other and surprisingly Satan, are intensely mindful of pasts that they want to change. Nature additionally assumes a huge part in this story, setting it in the romanticism grouping. The tree that holds the fortune, the sacrosanct woodland and the baffling bog, each element human attributes, offering heartfelt components to the story’s show. Writers who compose inside the heartfelt kind don’t generally expound on heartfelt love however more so a perspective.

“The Devil and Tom Walker” was composed inside a setting and during when Puritanistic convictions, expressing that an individual’s life ought to be committed to God, changed. Unexpectedly the craving for cash and individual addition was jumping up. In the story, perusers witness a similar change to Tom. Tom battles change from the start, yet he yields to the insatiability that caused his significant other’s demise. Love for ravenousness changes his core interest. Irving utilizes words, for example, “sterility” and “starvation,” giving the peruser an unmistakable visual of an adoration starved Tom. In an unfilled, heartfelt spot to him, maybe he considers what might occur on the off chance that he made an arrangement with Satan.

An adoration for the extraordinary and the paranormal is obvious in “The Devil and Tom Walker.” The otherworldly components appeal to passionate longings instead of to reason. Satan offers answers to issues that Tom and his significant other are confronting, answers that appeal to the creative mind and wants of the couple and that this present reality can’t offer. Satan offers a chance to investigate every one of several’s longings inside their creative mind. Satan offers a heartfelt component to the story, for he cherishes his standing and needs to proceed with his inheritance.

Similar as Satan, Tom’s better half has an affection illicit relationship with herself, and her fantasy is to accomplish more. She is discontent with her world. The circumstance Satan presents is beyond what she can disregard, regardless of the expense. She is so lost in her fascination and imaginings that she travels through the story as though in a shock. Irving looks at her to Satan right off the bat in the story. Irving presents the spouse and Satan as the ideal pair. Indeed, even in death, she gets what she needs, which was an exit from what she was – however it was a heavenly way.

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