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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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This essay will provide a summary of Alice Walker’s essay “Am I Blue,” which explores themes of animal rights, empathy, and the interconnectedness of all living beings. The essay focuses on Walker’s experience with a horse named Blue and draws parallels between the horse’s life and issues of oppression and freedom. The piece will delve into Walker’s reflections on the emotional depth and awareness of animals, and her critique of how humans often overlook these qualities. More free essay examples are accessible at PapersOwl about Alice Walker.

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Alice Walker is an African-American creator, extremist and vegetarian. Her work is broadly acclaimed and incorporates the novel The Color Purple, for which she won the Pulitzer Prize. Her work is centered around the subjects of Civil Rights, the treatment and encounters of African-Americans, and furthermore the encounters of ladies as a minority. A considerable lot of these components are passed on in her paper Am I Blue?, written in 1986 in the style of a short story. It tells the story of her relationship with a pony named Blue and through the unfurling of this relationship Walker inspects more extensive issues on the topics of social equity and how people treat creatures and one another.

The story starts when the hero becomes friends with a pony named Blue, who runs free in a five-section of land knoll close to her home in the mountains. Vital to their kinship is an apple tree becoming on the opposite side of Blue’s fence. Sharing the apples consistently manufactures a connection between them. One day an earthy colored female horse is placed in the knoll with Blue, and upon her impregnation the horse is removed once more, leaving Blue, in the hero’s eyes, blue. Through this episode the creator sees that people have the limit and penchant to treat creatures, and one another, with unconcerned savagery. She brings up occurrences, for example, white pilgrims who believed Native Americans to be creatures, the treatment of slaves in early America, and the treatment of ladies and kids since the beginning. Walker connects these and different focuses with the predicament of Blue, raising him as a material illustration of man’s unconcerned mercilessness. Forceful feelings are passed on to the peruser about this issue through the creator’s style and utilization of crowd commitment.

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Walker passes on forceful feeling for these issues by allotting Blue human credits. For instance, she says that “… .I had failed to remember the profundity of feeling one could find in pony’s eyes.” When the earthy colored female horse has been with Blue for half a month “… there was an alternate look in his eyes… . of autonomy, of restraint, of natural horseness.” Here Walker appoints Blue many muddled human credits, drawing in the peruser to relate to him as a human-like character, not simply a creature. This meeting of human credits is an incredible strategy for commitment, and it is because of this commitment with Blue as a character that we feel firmly for him when the horse is removed. Walker utilizes this method of crowd commitment to cause the peruser to think about their own treatment of creatures and to comprehend that creatures merit regard and nobility as people do.

In the middle of her utilization of crowd commitment in relating to Blue, Walker likewise raises the social issue that creatures have become “… only ‘pictures’ of what they once so flawlessly communicated”. She sees that we as a general public are accustomed to drinking milk from containers showing “satisfied” cows, and eating eggs and chicken meat from “cheerful” hens. This point is reflected in the creator’s own work. The picture of a caught and ignored pony has more prominent effect than had she utilized another creature in a similar circumstance. While bringing up that creatures have become simply pictures and images to people, the writer has utilized that very imagery to connect with the peruser.

Alice Walker’s exposition Am I Blue? recounts the tale of a lady’s fellowship with a pony named Blue, and simultaneously it is a more profound articulation of society’s issues. Walker utilizes her relationship with Blue to pass on her profound respect for creatures, and through her depiction of the disregard and detachment with which Blue is dealt with she additionally passes on her longing for people to treat creatures, and one another, with deference and resilience. The creator utilizes meeting to develop crowd commitment, portraying Blue like he were a human encountering joy and languishing. Walker’s exposition is adequately composed for crowd commitment and sympathy, and she has successfully brought up that people have the limit with regards to extraordinary cold-bloodedness and detachment, and that we should remember it inside ourselves for a distinction to be made.

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