What are Introverts

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Quiet humans treated as a different species. They don’t express their feelings on the first meet. They are often stereotyped as a bookworm who has no social life. But if you spend just a little more time with them a portal is opened and a whole other side of them is revealed. There is a treasure chest of energy and exhilaration inside of them. They have the skills to observe and analyze small details in their surroundings. Yes, most are antisocial and reserved but once you get to spend more time with an introvert they begin to come out of their shell and their true personality might surprise you.

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Although introverts are antisocial they are often stereotyped and misjudged as borng individuals, this reveals that our society is too quick to judge and our true character is hidden. Extroverts might argue that introverts hate people since they are very antisocial. During small talk a typical introvert would be giving short responses and may not be asking very many questions which gives extroverts the impression that they don’t like them. In some cases introverts may not like people however, just because introverts are not social it does not mean all introverts hate people. As an introvert myself, I oppose this belief. Introverts are generally interested in people. In cases like having small talk with someone, they don’t hate the person they are speaking with they hate the whole concept of smalltalk itself.

The reason why introverts do not like smalltalk is because it makes them uncomfortable. Small talk is basically a forced conversation about unimportant topics. Introverts talk when they have a reason to or they are interested in a conversation. One thing that may surprise you is that introverts are actually very creative. In fact, some of the most successful people in the world are introverts such as Steve jobs, Albert Einstein, and Jk Rowling.

The reason why most introverts have such a unique way of thinking is because the amount of time they spend brainstorming. In the article, “Why introvert make such great creatives and designers.” the author Daniel Schwarz, explains how introverts “brew their best ideas in solitude.” Schwarz also stated, “Because introverts tend to think outwards”, it allows for more creativity to blossom from all of the sensory details in the environment.” He is overall saying that because introverts are so mindful spend time brainstorming, this leads them to having so many creative thoughts and ideas.

That one person who is silent in a group discussion may not absent-minded, they just might be brainstorming some of the most brilliant ideas and they are choosing one to share amongst the group. So, do you think someone with a broad imagination is boring? One major reason why extroverts think introverts are boring is because they believe we have no social life. They assume we are the stereotypical geek who sits in their room and studies all weekend instead of going to parties.

But the real reason why introverts stay home is because they are `simply not comfortable in noisy places. In a noisy setting such as a party, they feel inferior because its difficult to force themselves to socialize with new people without being awkward or enjoying it. For example, in the article “Introvert: Don’t call me ‘boring’ because I don’t like parties ” a introvert Virginia meil states, “Later in the night, an extroverted friend who always loved to stand out and make me feel like an alien approached me. She pointed out to the people around me that I wasn’t enjoying myself.”

This just basically shows you what goes on in an introverts head when they are in situations like this. They feel like the lonely black sheep that doesn’t belong in the herd. Another reason why introverts prefer to stay home is because they do not have a lot of energy. An introvert is like a battery that dies quickly and needs to be recharged by spending time alone.

According to the article “Why so many people don’t understand introverts” Ellen Vrana states, “Introverts get energy from within and lose energy when they have too much external stimulation.”They recharge by removing or reducing external stimulation and by nurturing their own thoughts and feelings.” So what Vrana is saying, is that introverts lose energy quickly and become very tired from a productive day and they need to recharge by having alone time.

As an introvert myself, I relate to this so much. A productive day for me is going to school and tennis practice and even after 10 hours of sleep if my friends ask me to hangout I usually politely decline because I am still mentally drained from the day before and I need more time alone to “recharge”. So overall, introverts know how to have fun they just live in a calmer lifestyle. And they can even be loud and noisy as an extrovert they just need to be in the right setting with people they are comfortable with.

Although introverts are antisocial they are often stereotyped and misjudged as borng individuals, this reveals that our society is too quick to judge and our true character is hidden. So why is this such an important topic to examine? People often judge other based on first impression. When people first talk to an introvert and see how quiet they are an automatically assume and say “Oh she’s kind of boring, because she is doesn’t engage in conversations.”

People always say first impressions are important but does one conversation determine who are you? People shouldn’t judge based on their social skills because you don’t truly know who they are. The most quiet person in your class might be the most hilarious person you meet. It might sound crazy but when you take the time to let an introvert open up to you their personality might blow you away. So society needs to learn to be more accepting to introverts and put an end to this stereotype because introverts are probably one of the most fascinating people you will meet.

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