What should we Know about Introverted Minds

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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High school is a living nightmare for introverts. In order to stay sane an introvert must have quiet time. High school is never quiet. The hallways are horrific for introverts. Immature children pace down the halls screaming at one another, pushing and shoving one another, and talking painfully loud as if their friend who is standing a half an inch away from them is deaf. The cafeteria is just as scary as the halls for introverts, except rather than pushing and shoving one another, students throw food at one another.

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The classroom does not get much better; projects are always done in groups and one student is always the boss. Not even the media center is a quiet place. Entire classes are sent to the media center for projects, but no work gets done because all the students just goof off. Ironically, the worst part of the day is the end of the day; students blast through the halls with much more intensity than class changes, and they talk even louder and shove even harder than before. By now, the introvert is in a complete state of shock, yet the torture is still not over.

In order to survive the full day, the introvert must take the treacherous bus ride home. Kids are bouncing off the walls of the bus, and if it’s Friday the intensity is one hundred times worse. By the time the introvert finally finds peace, they are mentally drained and physically exhausted. This is a typical day for the introverted high school student. In an extroverted society, introverts struggle for acceptance, for people believe they are too quiet and too shy to socialize and work with. However, if the extroverts of society understood the truth about introverts and took time to know them, they would probably realize how valuable they are. In today’s society introverts are defined by their shyness and quietness; however, introverts have an endlessly thinking mind that can prove to be very valuable.

An American writer and lecturer, Susan Cain, once wrote “Solitude matters, and for some people it’s the air they breathe.” There are about five basic needs humans must have to survive which include food, water, shelter, clothes, and air. However; an introvert requires a sixth need; space. Without space you might as well take away an introvert’s oxygen. Space away from friends, family, work, school, and people is necessary for an introvert to survive in the world.

Extroverts, the socially accepted people, do not need space, instead space is a weakness of theirs that could potentially kill them if given too much. When an introvert is given their space, they prove much more valuable to society especially in the working class. When given space, introverts are able to think, brainstorm, discover, diagnose, contemplate, analyze, daydream, understand, and learn. Introverts work their best independently, for they need time to truly think ideas through before they speak. On the other hand, extroverts would rather talk through all of their thoughts with someone else or a group. Introverts feel uncomfortable shouting out ideas until they have thought of their very best one.

Most importantly, space enables introverts to escape the craziness of the world. The earth never stops moving and people never stop talking, singing, playing, driving, working, screaming, loving, crying, moving, living, learning, and dying. Extroverts are professional ignorers; they are able to go on with their lives without stopping to observe all the commotion happening around them. Whereas, introverts must have some space to pause for just a moment and take in everything around them.

Their minds are always racing with emotions and thoughts, and space allows them to take a moment, gather themselves, and breathe in a world that can sometimes be so chaotic they feel as if they are suffocating. When introverts are given space, they can think, and when they have a true opportunity to think alone; their thoughts can be new, fresh, and valuable to those who are willing to take the time to listen to the “shy” one.

Extroverts view introverts as self-centered since they enjoy independence, when in reality most extroverts are more self-centered then introverts. Listening is a very tough skill to master; however, most introverts have exceeded the level of mastery. When something traumatic has occurred in someone’s life, introverts will listen to the victim and let them tell, vent, or rant their entire story without interruption, no matter how long the story is.

Clearly, the perception that introverts are self-centered is inaccurate. Introverts will listen to anyone who seeks to talk to them, and they will listen with full attention. Introverts will listen to kids who do not want to eat their vegetables, to teenagers in a friendship crisis, to young adults who are confused about who they are, to adults who have lost their job or are in a relationship crisis, to friends, coworkers, siblings, parents, grandparents, and even complete strangers. Introverts never interrupt and only give advice when asked. Extroverts like to talk their feelings out, and if they attempt to talk their feelings out with another extrovert, they will be interrupted.

Therefore, extroverts seek out introverts to talk to because they know of the introverts’ listening abilities. Introverts never spread gossip because they have a strong understanding of the meaning of trust. Sometimes extroverts accidentally slip out other extroverts’ secrets, which destroys the trust between two people. Introverts rarely tell others their own secrets because they trust very few people. Introverts never tell others secrets because they know the importance of trust in relationships with friends and family.

Although, the main reason introverts enjoy listening is because they know that they will learn so much more listening rather than talking. Introverts desperately seek knowledge everywhere they go. Introverts know that their life on earth is short and therefore they must not waste time talking about themselves but rather listen and learn. Society needs good listeners or else everyone would be talking over one another, as well as they need good learners because there is still so many things our world has yet to learn.

Introverts observe every single detail and consider its contribution to every situation, as compared to extroverts who tend to only skim through the smaller details. Observation is key to solving any situation. For example, doctors need to have strong observational skills in order to diagnose their patient correctly. If a doctor skips over just one small detail, they could miss diagnose or have no diagnoses for their patient. Friends need observational skills in order to know when their friend is going through a hard time and needs them.

Without observational skills, criminals would never be caught. Homicide detectives must use observation and take in every small detail in order to solve the crime. Football players observe their opponents plays through film prior to their game, in order to be prepared for their strategy. Observational skills keep people out of dangerous situations.

For example, if you are in the ocean and don’t observe the strength of the current; you could potentially get caught in a rip current. Another example would be when driving, if you do not observe the behaviors of other drivers, you could wind up in an accident. Introverts observational skills help tremendously in many important jobs and keep people safe.

Extroverts tend to forget the smaller details and rely on introverts to observe, thus, extroverts value introverts. Introverts are far more than what their stereotype defines them as; shy, quiet, and self-centered. Introverts require much needed time alone which allows them to think, brainstorm, and come up with bright new ideas. Without introverts, no one’s voices would ever be heard because everyone would be talking over one another. Introverts take the time to observe, which enables people to solve problems much quicker than they would have without an observer. Their value in society is far greater than it is portrayed, for people do not take the time to truly listen to what an introvert has to say. I pledge that this work is entirely my own and I have neither given nor received any unauthorized help in doing it.

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