Are you an Introvert?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Let me start off by asking everyone if you think you’re an introvert? For now remember your answers and see if by the end of this speech you find yourselves with a different result. Okay, I am here today trying to be something I’m not. Which is something I’ve been trying to do for awhile now: whether its sharing my ideas, participating in class, writing a speech, or publically speaking in front of people. Now some of you might be thinking ‘she sounds shy’ or ‘she seems nervous.

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’ And yes, all of those things are very true but, why? To word it simply, I am an Introvert. Now what is an introvert? According to merriam webster dictionary website an introvert is “a reserved or shy person who enjoys spending time alone.” For others being an introvert means being a quiet person who keeps thoughts to themselves and who loves their personal time. But this doesn’t mean that outgoing people can’t be introverts too, if they enjoy some quiet time to themselves then more than likely they too are introverts at least to a certain extent. So the main idea I want to address today is that it’s okay to be an introvert, it’s okay to prefer to be alone, and it’s okay to be a wallflower.

But sadly society doesn’t share the same way of thinking as I do. Society stresses the idea that being an introvert is one of the worst things you can be and being an extrovert is the way to go. I am constantly told to share my voice whenever I can, to speak up and be heard, and it is often expected of me to be involved in social activities, and as an introvert these expectations are very hard to meet. We are taught that being an outgoing and sociable extrovert is always for the best, but I’m here to show you that being an introvert can have it’s perks too. Statistics show that 50% of america’s population is made of introverts, and society is constantly telling this 50% to fit into the extroverted status quo in order to be happy and to have a fulfilling life. But if you think about it from that 50% over 163 million people came: Tom Hanks, Isaac Newton, Michael Jordan, Meryl Streep, Dr. Seuss, any many other influential people. These people didn’t let the fact that their introverts stop them from achieving their goals or being happy. So neither should you just because you’re an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your dreams.

According to an study by Ronald Riggio a professor at claremont college, a lot of people assume that “introverts can’t be good leaders, having neither the natural talent nor the desire for leadership… while it is true that more introverted types might not jump at the chance to lead…circumstances can place them there regardless.” There are plenty examples of introverted leaders throughout history from Abraham Lincoln to Bill Gates. Studies show that introverts tend to be more responsible, are great listeners, are versatile, and are very compassionate and understanding. So being an introvert has no real effect on how happy or fulfilling your life will be, as long as you view it in a positive light because focusing on the negative aspects will more than likely cause you to have a pessimistic outlook towards oneself. But when you except yourself and are happy nothing is in your way of achieving your goals and dreams. Overall there is nothing wrong with being an introvert. You just need to be yourself don’t have to change to society’s expectations, because being an introvert wonderful. Now, let me ask you one last time are you an introvert?

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