Hunger Games Book Vs. the Movie (MLA)

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Have you ever watched the Hunger Games movie and read the Hunger Games book? Did you notice the peripheral differences interpolated between them? Well, if you have then you certainly see that the cinema and the novel’s plots are proportionally similar, but there are a few alterations between the movie and the book. Supposing they bear some cursory differences, the congruities between the Hunger Games publication and the Hunger Games motion picture are assured.

To set in motion, the Hunger Games film is a very alluring movie that is adjusted in order to spell out several theories that cannot be conferred as was written by Suzanne Collins. To decipher this idea, the Hunger Games screenplay was modified so the observers could comprehend the multitudes of ideas that Suzanne Collins wrote, but could not be assimilated into the film in the same way. For example, instead of the obstacles in the arena being controlled by the gamemakers in the book, the movie depicts this as the game makers can place any obstacle anywhere through computer graphics.

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On the contrary, the Hunger Games novel encloses the authentic content and scheme’s, be that as it may, the Hunger Games movie embodies slightly contrasting content and does not illustrate the same notions. In other words, the Hunger Games publication had no adjustments made to it as a result of it having the primary material. To depict this point, in the book, when Madge says goodbye to Katniss before she leaves to the Capitol, she gives Katniss the mockingjay pin so she can wear it as the token from her district in the Games. Nonetheless this approach was altered and in the movie Greasy Sae gives Katniss the mockingjay pin. Then, Katniss gave the pin to Primrose as a emblem of protection at the reaping. When Prim says goodbye to Katniss, she then returns the pin as a symbol of protection. These two gestures are clearly different, when Madge gives Katniss the pin it is with the intention that the pin will be her token from her district in the Games, with the intention that Katniss will show pride in her district. Meanwhile, Primrose gives Katniss the pin with the intention that the pin will protect her during the Games.

More importantly, the Hunger Games book and the Hunger Games movie contain indisputable homogeneities. “”May the odds be ever in your favor. This eminent remark that Suzanne Collins composed in the book appears overall throughout the film. This motto was portrayed in the book as something the character’s would joke about, but in due time started to become sort of devastating for in fact the odds were not in their favor. The games seemed to be a random death sentence. The concept of how this phrase was explored in the book was cautiously depicted in the film when Gale told Katniss his name was in the reaping forty-two times. This was quite devastating for gale because he took out tesserae for his siblings so they didn’t have to be in the drawing.

Moreover, the artisan of the Hunger Games motion picture conscientiously depicted Cinna as he was characterized by Suzanne Collins in the novel. In the book, Katniss contemplated, “”I’m taken aback by how normal he looks. Most of the stylists they interview on television are so dyed, stenciled, and surgically altered they’re grotesque. But Cinna’s appears to look quite normal compared to his peers involved in the games. He’s in a simple black shirt and pants. The only things different is the bright gold eyeliner that he wears throughout the movie. The producer of the movie did an amazing job at portraying cinna in the film. In the movie, the stylists and the civilians of the Capitol dress absurd. Cinnna’s counterparts in the movie were very eccentric with the things they wore and their bright hair and overly powerful clothing. Cinna was portrayed exactly like he was describes in the book as in the movie.

In addition, the producer of the motion picture did a tremendous job at depicting the scene of the reaping day exactly how it was described in the book. Collins wrote from Katniss’ perspective saying, “”But today the black cinder streets are empty. Shutters on the squat gray houses are closed. Our house is almost at the the edge of the seam. I only have to pass a few gates to reach the scruffy field called the Meadow. Separating, the Meadow from the woods, in fact enclosing all of District 12, is a high chain-link fence topped with barbed-wire loops (Collins). The movie illustrated this perfectly. It was important for the producer of the movie to capture the overall tone that the reaping day would cause. The reaping was quite devastating for all who were involved, therefore it was momentous for Suzanne Collins to describe the day of the reaping as depressing and deserted as it should be. The movie captured the mood and tone perfectly.

In conclusion, there are more similarities between the book and the movie than to be expected. The Hunger Games movie was slightly modified to include major literary elements in the book.. However, the Hunger Games book contains the original material, but these were included into the movie with different intentions. Despite having these differences, the similarities between the unlucky odds of the reaping, the way cinna is illustrated and the tone that suzzanne wrote in the book is perfectly depicted into the movie. The book and movie have little differences but are truly similar in the way the characters are depicted the tone and the overall feeling of the book. In my opinion, I enjoyed the book better than the movie, but how you look at it is truly up to you.

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