Fiction Story “The Hunger Games”

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Updated: Feb 21, 2020
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The Hunger Games is an exciting fiction story written by the author Suzanne Collins. The dystopian novel was published in 2008 by Scholastic. It’s told in first person point-of-view by narrator and protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, as she recounts her personal history and experiences in a mostly stoic yet occasionally emotional tone. The setting takes place in about a hundred years in the future in the country Panem, created after the North American government collapsed.

The structure and style of the riveting tale makes it that much more enjoyable. Because this is young adult literature as well as the given background of the narrator, Collins uses very simple and direct sequence. Since the book is in fact in first person point-of-view we get to see this amazingly destructive world through the eyes of Katniss. She’s a sixteen year old sympathetic girl with flaws. Her character components are strong, fierce, compassionate and caring. She comes from the poorest part of District 12. Katniss spent her teenage years caring for her younger sister and distraught mother after her father dies in a mining accident. We’re quickly able to identify with Katniss who uses her wits and passion to survive and protect herself and others.

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The Hunger Games is a fight to the death competition created by the Capitol to keep the Districts 1-12 in check after District 13 rebelled the new government 75 years before. They choose one boy and once girl ages 13 through 18 from each district as a tribute. When the younger sister of Katniss was chosen, she volunteered as tribute in place of her sister. The name Peeta Mellark was called out for the boy. Katniss and Peeta, under the guidance of Haymitch Abernathy made their way through the training period. Haymitch and Peeta sought for a secret plan to protect Katniss in the games by making it seem like her and Peeta were in love. Making Katniss irresistible to the residents of the Capitol would get her sponsors. By the time Katniss had found herself if the middle of the games she was stranded in a tree being hunted by fellow tributes, Peeta included. She managed to deal them all great damage and escape. She allied with a young girl, Rue, who reminds Katniss of her sister. They manage to take out the supplies of the tributes that were hunting Katniss but Rue ends of dying.

The game caller announces that rules have been changed and the boy and girl from the same district were allowed to win together. Katniss sets out to find Peeta to better her chances at survival. Once she finds him she sees he’s hurt badly and in need of medicine. She decides to continue the story of romance with him in hopes that their sponsors will send the medicine. When they can’t she risks her life to go get it from the cornucopia. She gets back to him and heals him then a few days later they are being forced to make their way towards the cornucopia given there are only 3 tributes left. They get in a fight with Cato, the last tribute, before dropping him to the ravenous dogs. When morning comes the announcer takes back the former game change and states that only Katniss or Peeta can win. They refuse to kill each other and choose to eat the poison berries they had found. The game announcer allows them to win together to avoid a double suicide.

The story was by far one of the most addictive stories I have ever read. I love the themes presented throughout, importance of appearance, the struggle between rich and poor, and pure suffering at the hands of entertainment. The symbols and and motifs are glorious. The mockingjay pin, Katniss’ dress, fire, defiance, hunting. It all comes in to play in a beautiful way. I first read the book 5 years ago. I remember I was so entranced by the tale I just couldn’t put the book down. Suzanne Collins is in fact a very talented author. With this tale there is a little something for everyone. There’s fighting and action, there’s betrayal and drama, there’s a love triangle and simple romance. I haven’t met a single person that didn’t like at least one aspect from The Hunger Games trilogy. If there’s ever a book series I’d recommend to someone, it’s this one.

Fiction Story “The Hunger Games” essay

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