The Psychology of Batman

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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A superhero many individuals rely,respect, and value in today’s society would be no other than Batman. We noticed in order to become a superhero or villain one must face a serious setback of trauma in their life next the character then is gifted with the choice of how they will apply their suffering of pain and trauma to both the writer and reader which is given to the audience in the DC,Marvel, and X-men franchise and the reason many people are attracted to this type of genre.

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Which is why Batman would be the right candidate to relate and write about to many who are out in the world experiencing these impactful personal traumatic events in their personal life’s.

One who’s traumatic events in fighting the past and present has inspired many writers and fans in the DC universe to gain inspiration by seeking what most humans desire in life which is justice,hope,retribution, and the will to at least live a satisfying normal life but also finding their own superpower by dealing with their own trauma and drama. To inform you about Batman’s history Batman experienced an event that changed his entire life which was when he was a youngster his parents were assassinated in his very own eyes by a random man in the streets looking for something to steal which later his parents refuse in doing which lead to their death. This then haunted batman as a child up to his present day he still convinces himself that it was his own very fault that his parents were killed that night. This lead to many psychological disorders in his life such as complicated grief disorder,Post-traumatic stress disorder,depression,schizoid personality disorder,Anti-personality disorder, and last and not least split personality disorder which many of us who know about batman are familiar with. That’s why many people in the world love this iconic hero because they can relate to the dramatic and traumatic events he has gone through in his past and present life they have as well.

Something intriguing about batman is that fact he uses his own fear to get over his fear of bats which he then uses as a costume to fight crime. He is very resourceful and a character that is resourceful are the most interesting one’s they have sort of the advantage because they have many tricks up their sleeves and you wanna see how they’ll figure problems out. Batman is a “superhero without superpowers” which makes me consider that batman’s greatest weapon is his mind because he has all this knowledge to go with including the determination to do good. Things any of us can relate to Batman are the flaws. First of them being he’s come from a traumatic past that he can’t get over with, secondly he has mental issues,never is able to get a decent amount of sleep because he works overtime, he’s constantly distracting himself, he pushes many people away, and only those who have really proved themselves loyalty and worthy to him are trusted by him. He’s an individual who’s deeply distributed and even depressed inside he even uses his mask from preventing anyone from detecting his true identity and because he dislikes to be in the public eye he even takes advantage of it by scaring and intimidating villains and bad guys in the world. He prefers to be in isolation and solitude which are symptoms of someone who is lonely and unhappy.

Other traits would be he pushes off the people who really care about which varies because he’s a grown man to accept who he wants in his family,but even then he still sometimes doesn’t want anything to to with them. When it comes down to it his love one’s they will be the first ones he will fight for and prioritize above anyone else because that specific feeling of love is so rare to him that it’s precious that he does not want to give up or lose it yet he’s got a duty to protect his city, a higher calling beyond own personal desires. elf

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