Harriet Tubman and the Road to Feedom

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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This letter provides an insight on how Harriet Tubman lived and helped the people around her. The letter is from Frederick Douglas and provides a first hand opinion of Harriet Tubman’s effect on the people around her. He talks about how he trusts her and upholds her for how she handles her situation and helping others through it.

This letter shows just how many people have been affected by what Harriet Tubman has done to get the slaves to the freedom that they all deserved from the start.

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This letter is written by Thomas Garrett, who was a leader in the underground railroad just like Harriet. This letter truly shows how the people that were partaking in the underground railroad as well still look up to her bravery and courage. This has been greatly used in my research as well as it will be used on my board as a visual of just how powerful what Harriet did was.

This book provides first hand accounts of what had happened during the underground railroad time. In the book there were also many pictures from that time period that showed a little bit about what was happening around them or the lengths that they went to just to get their freedom. It did wonders in the research part of my project but also some of the pictures in the book helped me to imagine what it must have been like during that time.

This photograph will be seen on my board to show how these slaves reached their triumph (freedom) . The John Rankin Freedom Stairway shows just how hidden and sneaky they had to be just so they did not get caught and punished for running away from their slave owners. It provides a vivid image of one of the most famous stairwells dealing with the Underground Railroad. This is one of the ways they had reached the places that housed them underground so that they could reach the free states.

This is a good resource for much of the research part of National History Day. It tells how they referred to Harriet as the Moses of the people. It tells of the twenty five years in her life that she had been a slave and how she used that to help the other slaves around her escape from what she escaped from. In the book it provides many letters from different important figures at that time talking about their opinion on Harriet and what she had done.

This is the slave act that talked about the consequences that they would have if they helped the slaves escape to a free state as well as if the slaves were to flee from their slave owners. I used this document as a picture on my board to show people how terrifying it could be to help these people. They put their lives on the line to help the slaves get their freedom.

This source showed a letter from Harriet Tubman talking about President Lincoln about how she could help him save the United States money and their soldiers from death. She talks about how he could do this if he just let the African Americans have their freedom. She used the reference of a snake biting you over and over again to symbolize what the North is doing to the South. I used this quote on my board to provide insight on how she not only tried to help the slaves but also how she helped the south get to their victory over the north.

This is documents from the United States of many different people writing in to support Harriet to get pension for what she did to help people. I used this document on my board to show a document from the time period. It will help them visualize what the pension claim looked like for Harriet Tubman. It provides different views towards Harriet Tubman and what she has done for people.

This source provides insight on Harriet’s career in helping the people around her. It gives a different outlook to Harriet as it describes not only how she helped the slaves get to their freedom but also her job as a nurse as well. It shows a lot about how she broke the odds to just help everyone out around her. I am using quotes on my board from this article to show just how she broke all the odds.

This is a great source to show how greatly people thought of Harriet Tubman. I am using this newspaper article about Harriet Tubman on my board to show the triumph that she had made for herself and the other slaves who were going through the same things that she was. It shows how she went from who people thought of as nothing to being known as the Moses of the people.

Secondary Sources

I am using this on my board on the tragedy side of my board to show Harriet Tubman with her slave owner Andrew Jackson. It will show to people that she had to go through so much just to get to help the other people who were going through the same things. It shows the tragedy of all the twenty five years that she had endured being a slave and being mistreated just for being what was seen to them as the wrong skin color.

Compensation for Civil War Services

This picture is going to be used on my board to help people visual what Harriet Tubman looked like and also what all she had been involved into during the civil war to help everyone around her. This can be seen in the middle part of my board by my thesis statement. It shows all of the different sides of the war.

“A Ride on the Underground Railroad with Harriet Tubman.” Harriet Tubman, Historical Society , www.harriet-tubman.org/a-ride-on-the-underground-railroad/.

This source provides a great deal of information about Harriet Tubman and what the slaves in that time period thought about her. The slaves were told that “Moses” was coming for them. They thought of her as a biblical person who came to save them. I think that is a very amazing and crazy thing to think about. I think that will be a good thing to include on my board to really emphasize the impact that she had.

I am using this picture on my board to show a memorial for Harriet. It shows how deeply people thought of her as a person that helps everyone that is around her. It shows just how much love and care she has for people. I am going to use this in the middle of my board along with a picture of Harriet along side of it. It talks about not only her service for helping the slaves get to their freedom but also of her duty as a nurse as well.

This website is a great tool for my research so that I can see different aspects of just who Harriet Tubman was and how in many different ways she helped the people that were struggling around her. This shows that she not only helped the slaves but she helped the women who seemed to also be a minority then as well. I am using this to give a different aspect of how great of a person she was and how she affected the lives of the people around her. This source provided me with knowledge of just how Harriet Tubman had died. It also provided me with information about her receiving her pension claim as well. I used this source simply to find out just how old she was when she died and what the cause of her death was.

I am using this source for a picture of the wanted sign that they had out for Harriet Tubman to show the other side of peoples thoughts. It will show that to some people she was seen as an enemy while to others she was seen as a savior. This picture will help give people different insights on the time period and how people thought back then. It also goes to show how she beat all odds and go past it just so she could help these people that deserved to have their own freedom.

I am using this picture to show the tragedy and the triumph of all of this. I am going to use this picture on my board as well. It will show just how great her work was for the other slaves that also wanted to escape to their own freedom. This picture shows Harriet Tubman with the slaves that she had helped.

This picture can be seen on the tragedy side of my board to show the harsh working conditions that they had to go through each and every day. These are the conditions that Harriet Tubman once had to escape from herself just like the people that she had helped. This is going on the tragedy side of my board as well. It shows just how brutal the conditions were for slaves it may be hard to look at a picture like this but the marks on his back show just how much pain he went through just for the color of his skin.

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