Easter Island

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Easter Island

This essay will delve into the history and mystery of Easter Island. It will discuss its famous Moai statues, the theories about the island’s ancient civilization, and the lessons learned from its ecological and cultural history. At PapersOwl too, you can discover numerous free essay illustrations related to Deforestation.

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Easter Island is one of the most remote inhabited areas in the world. The paper will examine the situation in Easter Island regarding the availability of the resources through time, how are resources used or wasted and what social and physical or environmental factors influenced the conditions. The paper will also show how the exploitation of one of the resource affects their ability to utilize other recourses. The condition at the Easter island area was at its peak, however, it abruptly collapsed resulting to over half statuettes only partly finished at quarry of Rano Raraku.

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There was total depletion of natural recourses which was accompanied by extinction and death of species, pollution of air, water as well as the soil.

The resources like trees and their products were used for almost everything during early days. They burned the firewood, they ate fruits and made clothes from the bark of trees. They cleared tress so that they may start farming and built houses leading to environmental degradation. They burned charcoal resulting to air and land population. Organic matter were also dumped in the water bodies causing death of animals (Diamond 130). The main social influence of those conditions was rapid population growth which leads to competition of natural resources leading to environmental degradations thus extinctions of species on the land and the water bodies. Because of high population’s growth, there was high demand for food and shelter. Therefore they needed more space to grow crops thus resulting in deforestation. Environmental factors were climate change and deforestation.

The deforestation is cutting down of trees. Begun after the human arrived. Before the trees were used for timber but with time, the trees were decreasing leading to lack of large timber. This made people to use trees as fuel and use trees in bad manner. Burning herbs grass for crops caused great deforestation leading to the reduction of inhabitants. Deforestation caused soil erosion, by rain and wind as seen in the huge increase of quantities of soil derived metal ions carries in swamp of flunkeys. The yield of crops reduced. For incubate, desiccation, as well as moai, were erects. Overexploitation of one resource affected their ability to use another resource in several ways. Clearing all the trees for timber and fuels denied them frequent rainfalls for their crops.

The Easter islanders did not demonstrate the ability to change their behaviors and fundamental beliefs towards more sustainable values. This is because there was the vicious cycle which was as a result of deforestation and other causes of environmental degradation. It is very difficult to change values and behaviors since it may conflict with one’s personal goals or altitudes. also, it is difficult because one, has to convince somebody on why he or she should change, thus becoming very difficult.it is more difficult to institute change because most of the individuals do not accept change despite knowing how good to those changes are good to them.

In addition, is difficult to institute change because changing any habit takes a lot of effort, focus as well as the attention. It may feel philologically uncomfortable as well as literally painful to override ones habits and values. The societies try to institutes changes through several ways. One, educating the masses on the importance of change. many societies educates their people on the significances of change and how one can change for sustainable development. Two, being role models to others by first changing. Lastly, by participating on activities that need change.

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