Deforestation: an Increasing Problem Around the World

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Tyriq: Hi I’m Tyriq FreemanChristopher:  And I’m Christopher HorneTyriq: Deforestation is a big problem and is leading to our most beloved animals to become extinct.Christopher: Deforestation happens on a daily basis which means habitats of animals are being destroyed on a daily basis and later die.Tyriq: According to the Rainforest Action Network, an area of rainforest as big as a football field is destroyed every second of every day.Christopher: Since the beginning of human settlement, deforestation has always been present.

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Tyriq: But, ever since modern human civilization has begun, and the rapid growth of the population of the earth, in some places has caused deforestation to climb to an alarming rate.Christopher: If you didn’t already know deforestation is the process of clearing trees or forests in a large areaTyriq: There are many forms of deforestation, some of them may include, selective cutting, clear cutting and slash and burnChristopher: “Selective cutting is, the cutting down of selected trees in a forest so that growth of other trees is not affected.” [Show Picture #1 Here]Christopher: As you can see in this photo, certain trees in the area, are being cut down, while some trees are still standing, and are not affected. Imagine if you are sitting in class, and someone comes in and randomly picks people to be “expelled”, AKA “killed” in the tree POV. Wrong right? Ok now moving on to the next type of deforestation.

Tyriq: Clear cutting is the process of cutting down and removing every tree from area. [Show Picture #2 Here]Tyriq: In this photo, all the trees in the area have just been killed. It’s like a tsunami, just wiped out the “tree town.” Ok now for the worst one of all, the most harmful one.Christopher: Slash and burn, which is where existing vegetation is cut down and burned off before new seeds are sown, typically used as a method for clearing forest land for farming.

Tyriq: This method is also known for killing off any animals that still remain in the forest and causing them to become extinct, or endangered.[Show Picture #3 Here]Christopher: In this photo, people have lit the forest on fire, to destroy all the trees, thus creating a lot of pollution. The people that use this method claim that the ashe from the fire fertilizes the land, where they can farm, and produce good crops for their diet. This type of deforestation ruins the animals’ habitat, and pollutes the area. That’s all the types of deforestation.

Tyriq:  Forests are disappearing at a rate that is dangerous to the animals. They build cities on land that animals need to survive. As loggers and farmers destroy the forest, animals and plants may become extinct before they are discovered.Christopher: Until recently, scientists thought the rain forest was losing about 5,800 squared miles a year. However, using the latest satellite technology, researchers have discovered that the Amazon is shrinking at about twice that rate.

Tyriq: That is 11,600 square miles a year!Christopher: For reference that is about 2.8 million football field sized areas of forests destroyed every year in the amazon rainforest alone!

Tyriq: The Aravalli Hills of Northwestern India have suffered almost total deforestation.Christopher: The 1200 varieties of plants and animals, native to the 50,000 sq. km. Area of the Aravallis, is becoming extinct.Tyriq: As you can clearly tell deforestation is a major problem around the world, and this needs to be stopped now!

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