Cell Phones: from Luxury to Necessity: the Transformative Impact

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Updated: Aug 23, 2023
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Cell Phones: From Luxury to Necessity

The development of cell phones has changed the face of the world and how people communicate and obtain information. While cell phones have advanced in many ways since their inception, there are many concerns about their safe use. How have cell phones changed us socially? There was a time when cell phones didn’t even exist; they have changed their identity from luxury goods to a necessity.

Hidden Dangers of Connectivity

Over time technology has changed a lot of things. People are now addicted to their mobile devices. Back then, people would send letters to people to hear from them back and forth. Now, to get to talk to somebody, it is just a call or text away. This is affecting mostly children and teenagers by changing their relationships with family and friends. You can’t even sit at the dinner table or any restaurant and have a regular face-to-face conversation with another person because they or you can’t take a second or two off of the cell phone. Nowadays, you don’t really see kids or teenagers outside playing sports or taking a walk; they are sitting inside wasting time on a square-looking device, texting away instead of doing homework, chores, or learning how to do things that they will use in the future.

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People think cell phones are useful for news, homework, music, keeping track of stuff and etc., but what they really don’t know is that through that cellular device can also be a human being talking to your kid or a kid instead of who they think they are, and be planning a kidnap or black male, cell phones are changing the world completely. There is no way how we can know if our child is looking at explicit content on apps such as youtube, Hulu, or Netflix; yeah, there are parental controls and restrictions, but who knows? The child can maybe find a way to look at the content they shouldn’t be looking at. On the other hand, children and teenagers ignore their meals just to be on social media or send a text to someone, there are many health issues, and the main ones affected are the kids.

Conclusion: The Unforeseen Consequences

In conclusion, these devices, so-called “ cell phones ‘ are ruining parents, children’s, and teenagers’ lives. Sooner or later, everyone will realize it and agree that cell phones are useless items that were invented. There’s been a lot of studies that show how homework is interrupted by a single notification your child gets, how college students are the most addicted to their phones, how a person can send around 109 text messages a day, and many more results. We have come to a society that has a great population of people who own and use their cell phones 24/7.


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