What it Means to be an American

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In World War Two over 60 million people were killed, which was about 3% of the 1940 world population. 15 million of those deaths were military deaths and 45 million of those deaths were civilian deaths. All of those soldiers died fighting in what they believed in. Today in America people still fight for what we believe in whether it is to get a better education, to help a business thrive, or to accomplish goals in life. This is what it means to be an American. An American fights for what they believe in whether it’s being fearless, being a hard worker, or being respected by others.

It is clear that an American is fearless. An American is fearless because in World War Two, even though they knew that they would die in battle they still didn’t back down or run away. Instead they ran into the battlefield and fought for what they believed in and won the war. This relates to the story, The lessons of Salem because there is a quote that says, “Even carrier’s children spoke against her: they confessed that they, too, were witches and that it was their mother who had converted them to evil.” This shows that they are fearless because the children know that there are people trying to kill witches but they still confess to it to save their town (page. 111). This means that if it wasn’t for Americans not being fearless then America might not be what it is today. From what can be gathered from the above evidence, it is clear that Americans are fearless because they never back down no matter how many obstacles are in their way.

Since an American is a hard worker, it shows how they helped shaped the United States for what it is today. Americans developed one of the best inventions and helped our state become more advanced than other states. For example, Steve Jobs was an American who created one of the most used inventions nationwide which was the Iphone. Another less recent invention created by the American Eli Whitney was the cotton gin which helped separate the seeds from cotton making workers live’s a whole lot easier and increased the production of cotton. Because of these helpful inventions, it is clear that an American is a hard worker.

Lastly, an American is someone you can respect. Americans are willing to lose their life in war to better their state such as the Revolutionary War, World War One, and World War Two. In those wars Americans knew what they were going up against and knew what was at stake for them but they wanted to help their country and couldn’t just back down so they fought for their lives. Also Americans that help others out and create inventions which help their state become very respectable. Because Americans fight in wars and create inventions that can help the state and can help others, it is clear that an American is someone you can respect.

Therefore, the points examined above help make the point that Americans fight for what they believe in. Americans are fearless because they don’t back down from fights or wars even though they know they have a chance of dying. An American is a hard worker because they create inventions that better people’s lives and their state. An American is someone you can respect because they aren’t selfish and are willing to sacrifice their life to make other’s lives better. These examples has clearly demonstrated that an American is someone who fights for what they believe in whether it’s being fearless, being a hard worker, or being respected by others.

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