What is Drug and Drug Abuse?

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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Drugs are substances that can affect the body’s function either physically or mentally, and also kill many cells in our body when we consume them. There are many factors that contribute to drug addiction. One of these factors is peer pressure. Many people succumb to peer pressure, but this is particularly prevalent among teenagers and children, as they are not yet mature mentally, and tend to emulate their surroundings. As an example, if a person has loved ones or friends who use or are addicted to drugs, it could influence them to follow suit. Therefore, individuals who are prone to drug use are more likely to choose friends that are drug users. Further, when children observe their parents consuming alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or trying other substances, curiosity may compel them to experiment with such substances in the absence of their parents. Moreover, the social circles of many teenagers revolve around smoking marijuana and drinking. Occasionally, friends may persuade each other to have a drink or smoke marijuana, but it is just as common for teens to try these substances because they observe their friends enjoying it and notice that the substances are readily available (Thomas .L, 2017, February 13).

The second factor that contributes to drug addiction is genetics. Individual DNA comprises countless variables – this is why police use DNA to identify criminals. Even siblings can have differences in their genetic makeup, which in some cases leads to addiction. This revelation implies that genetics can influence the development of an addiction. According to the American Psychological Association, genes are a significant factor in addiction, implying that genetic factors contribute to about half a person’s likelihood of developing a drug addiction. Our genes have been associated with a faster reaction to drugs, which can help someone to suppress any negative feelings and enhance feelings of excitement and happiness. This is why an individual may act in an uncharacteristic manner after taking drugs. For example, there was a news story about a woman who drove in the wrong direction on a highway after taking drugs. As a result of the drug’s influence, she was unable to judge if her actions were correct and found herself overly excited. As such, these genetic factors can drive drug users to lose control and find it challenging to quit drugs.

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Third factor which is self-medication. Anxiety and depression is the main factor that will affect a person starting drugs, but also will making the drug user feel more easily to get other risk factors. For an example, taking drugs will feel happy and can also forget many unhappy issues, but these issues will make drug users feel more open to peer pressure, more likely to be taking medication drugs, and more likely to feel hopeless. For an example, for those patient which is hesitation which will have the medicine which is given my doctor to control their attitude, the medicine is like a drug to help them feel more relax and happiness, but for the patient which is will not following the advice by doctor so they will have the medicine according to theirselves .Thus they will start addicted to the drug and will always rely on the medicine. Besides that,when teens are unhappy, but they cannot find a healthy way for them to release or said out they will always keep it their own, so they will start trying to take drug because drug can help them to turn from irritable to conciliation . This is depending on what substance they are trying, so that they may feel happy and confident. This is why drug user cannot resist because they have the chance to make them feel better when taking something.(Palititato. F,2007)

Since there have a lot of factor that contribute to drug addiction, so the preventing early of using drugs is needed. One of the solution to prevent drug addiction is through out education. Drug abuse prevention start with education by spreading the word regarding the dangers of drugs to everyone, mainly we focus on children and teenagers because when they are still young, and thinking not so mature, so we can using education to give them know what is the bad and the effect after taking drug. Goverment also can held a drug abuse preventation talk or exhibition in every school and participant will be their parents and community. To be effective, communities need to sustain the progress . If one of the family member is taking drug, so parents also hard to prevent their kids taking dugs, so every parents must be a model for their kids which is will no taking drugs.(Silimon,J,2009, November 12)

Second solution is effectively deal with peer pressure. The main reason teenagers start taking drugs because of their friends all is drug user.So they must either find a better group of friends that would not pressure you doing harmful things, or you need to find a good way to reject and without make them unhappy,which is reject them together doing harmful thing but still is best friend.So every teenager should prepare a good excuse to keep from giving into tempting situations.If is shy to say out then you is the one suffer on drug,or you think never mind just one times will not effect so much,then you are wrong, you will addicted when u first trying that things.This is because drug can turn to addiction rapidly when you start taking drug; no one is plans on becoming a drug addict. So everyone please do not try or even get influenced by your friend.(Malibu,2005)

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Last but not least, another solution to prevent drug addiction is to start practicing healthier living habits. For example, exercise, eating well, and meditation are good ways to avoid using drugs. Meditation can improve physical health and help someone relax by reducing strain on the heart. This is because leading a healthy lifestyle can help people deal with life’s stresses more easily and manage trauma more effectively. Exercise can improve blood circulation, enhancing energy and spirit. People often start taking drugs because they are bored and unsatisfied with their lives, or they feel very upset. Hence, everyone should lead a healthy lifestyle and enrich their lives. (Rovitom.Sam,1986)

In conclusion, after completing a case study on drugs, I realized that delaying treatment worsens the condition of heavy drug users, putting them at grave risk of overdose. This can lead to hospitalization and, eventually, death. Thus, strict measures should be promptly taken to control and prevent the supply and transactions of such harmful substances. I firmly believe that every single member of the community must play a crucial role in preventing drug abuse. Only then can the whole nation live in peace and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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