Wake up its 1984 again

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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War is peace; freedom is slavery; ignorance is strength In the book 1984 by George Orwell, Big brother is an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent dictator of Oceania. Big Brother symbolizes the face of the Party and its public manifestation, which controlled people’s thoughts, actions, knowledge and way of living. By using secret police, surveillance, torture, propaganda, misinformation, and corrupted languages to control all aspects of one’s life. Even though the book was meant to be fictional, there is some elements that can be seen today.

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Our current American government is able to promote ideas in very sneaky ways by using social media ads, our National Security Agency (NSA) is in control of more than what people are aware of, they are able to obtain everyone’s personal pictures and read their emails and all types of messages, lastly, the media alters the information you are reading an watching.

The citizens of the United Stated are not all fully aware of the ways the government is in control of people’s information on a daily basis like their phone calls, surveillance cameras, text and even emails. In June 2013, Edward Snowden reveled that The NSA accessed and collected data through back doors into US internet companies such as Google and Facebook. Might not be as surprising as other things but, so many people each day look up questions and information through Google, roughly about 40.000 searchers per second on average and about 3.5 million searchers per day. The government is aware of everyone’s searches, people genuinely research things for answer which is their thoughts, the government is are of your thoughts once you look it up on google. Not only that, in any point in time the intelligence community is able to wiretap anyone from an Accountant to the President. He also added that it does not matter if you have not done anything wrong, you simply have to eventually fall under suspicion from somebody- even by a wrong call (Knickerbocker 9). In one interview Edward Snowden said that the NSA can access people’s private conversations through their text messages. That means that any inappropriate picture that its being sent to their significant other it’s been seen by people at the NSA. Many people are not informed that the National Security Agency is permitted to do things like that.

Propaganda is used to promote or publicize a political cause or point of view. The government promotes their ideas now days in ways we would not imagine. In the book 1984 propaganda was very common and very visible, while today the government’s tactics to promote their ideas are not transparent. They mostly use spyware in places where people commonly use like social media. Many platforms like Facebook are being used to promote ideas without someone even knowing. Any social media platform will have ads, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Twitter. There are some adds that are government funded to make feel or thin a certain way, most people don’t even notice. They are constantly pushing their ideology the new generation which is the future generation, they alter the way you are thinking without your permission. It.

Not only that, the media is in charge of providing information to everyone every single day on the events that are happening. But the information that is being given to the citizens is altered or limited. The media only also only portraits one side of any story, most of the time is the negative side which its constantly making people fear. The current President of the United States is a perfect example were the media is bias to a story. Many times, he makes very drastic decision which is being portrait as racist, but the media does not cover the reason why he made those type of decisions. In his first year of presidency he made a rule that transgender people are not able to join the army, when the news announced the story, they did not inform the viewers why President Trump decided that. Which the real reason was that the transgender people would take advantage of the benefits and use millions of dollars for their surgery that the government would pay. But the media knew that by being bias against Trump would get people to watch the segment. Everything that its being reported in the news is done for the views rather than to inform you. Little things like that makes the government and everyone around them very dangerous since most people are blinded on their real intentions and purpose.

Even though the book 1984 by George Orwell was meant to be fictional there is many issues that are being addressed in the book that are real problems in our society today, most people are not aware of everything they do is not private. The information that its being provided to us has somehow been altered or limit so that the people could think or act a certain way. Your own opinion on the world is somewhat being control by the government by the news broadcast and ads on social medio. The government plays a big part of our ideology of living without people knowing, the ignorance and blindness of the people is the strength of the government.

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