The Veldt Analysis

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Updated: Sep 07, 2023
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It is in no doubt that technology is changing every aspect of our daily lives at a faster rate, which may be difficult to adjust. Technology has changed nearly every aspect of our lives, it has affected our brains, led to obsession and disobedience. The effect of information technology starts at the earlier age that is why you will find small kids spending most of their time on TV screens or playing video games. Studies show that excessive use of the internet can result in lateralization of the function of the brain, this process divides the hemispheres.

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The division of the hemispheres creates unbalanced towards the left circle, more holistic creative thoughts are shifted towards the logical process driven by thought stages.

The more balanced though steps are attributed to high level of emotional intelligence, then there should be a relationship between a lower level of knowledge and the use of technology. The internet also affects our self-awareness. People with high emotional intelligence level, but we excessively use the technology we increasingly forget about ourselves and the environment around us.

Also, the use of technology reduces our ability to control ourselves, our adaptability goes down as well as the achievement orientation is significantly reduced. Moreover, the use of technology diverts our awareness. The technology and the internet give us information, but at the same time, it limits our awareness of the environment around us. The organizational awareness in the business is also eliminated. The social media takes a lot of time for most of the youths, thus reducing the time he or she could have used in accessing and evaluating the business environment and the trends.

Technology is very addictive and we are increasingly becoming obsessed with the internet. It is not surprising to see people chatting while in office, student updating their Facebook during class hours or even someone might be using most of his or her time in WhatsApp and Twitter. Technological obsession is the reason why if we misplace our phone, we are much stressed, someone may fail to take his or her meal mourning a stolen phone because they are missing friends on social media. Kids are also victims of technological obsession, most of our young children spent most of their time watching or playing video games, instead of doing the school assignment. Another area where we see internet obsession is during the night, at the time people are supposed to be sleeping is online chatting with friends until late in the night.

Continuous use of technology may result in lack of sleep and lead to health-related issues. The other interesting thing about obsession is seen where people are walking with their phones in their hands.The other destructive impacts of technology are disobedience. Technology has increased disobedience among the users, and teenagers are the most affected in this category. Instead of assisting their parents, the youths are busy talking with friends they just met online. The students are also becoming disobedience to their teachers, they do not listen to the instructor when the lecturer is teaching because he or she is busy chatting with friends on the internet. Discipline has completely gone down with the technology because the users only care about their phones, computers and their laptops and ignoring important people around them including parents. Another way in which the technology has affected the discipline is the kind of pictures and images shared by the internet users are totally immoral.

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