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In “All the Summer in a Day,” a gathering of schoolchildren live in the world Venus with their families. They are nine years of age, and they are anxiously anticipating a groundbreaking event. Following 5 years of constant downpour, the researchers on Venus have anticipated that the sun will come out today for a concise timeframe. The kids have just seen the sun once in their lives, yet they were two years of age and they don’t recollect what it looks like or feels. To plan for the afternoon, they have continually found out about the sun and finished study hall exercises, like composing a sonnet, about the sun.

This is valid for everything except one of the youngsters. Margot, a slim, pale young lady that the remainder of the youngsters loathe for different reasons, lived in Ohio until she was five. She actually has numerous recollections of the sun, and the sun keeps on interesting her. Marot will pass on any homeroom movement that does exclude the sun. Indeed, she has been in a discouraged state for the greater part of her experience on Venus. Bits of gossip have it that her folks are firmly considering removing her from the underground state on Venus and back to her home on Earth.

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Margot watches out of the window, standing by quietly for the downpour to stop and the sun to come out. Different youngsters become annoyed with her and start to push and insult her. One of the young men messes with her, “It was each of the a joke, right? Nothing’s going on today” (3.) Suddenly, the kids hold onto Margot and imagine the plan to conceal Margot in a storeroom while their educator is no more. Margot opposes yet they overwhelm her and lock her in a distant storeroom.

The educator returns and they all go to the passage’s exit, as she might suspect everybody is available and represented from her group. At that point, minutes after the fact, the downpour stops and the sun shows up. The entirety of the kids leave the passages and start to go around and appreciate the sun. It is not normal for anything they could envision. They celebrate, “It’s superior to the sun lights, isn’t it?” as they go around the wildernesses of Venus.

In the wake of lying out, playing, and getting a charge out of the climate, one of the young ladies shouts out on the grounds that she is supporting a major, fat raindrop in her grasp. Everybody halted. They represented a second, pondering how brilliant the sun felt on their skins. While they do this, the downpour mists move in. The sun withdraws; the downpour falls more enthusiastically. The entirety of the youngsters stop briefly before reappearing the passages, considering how magnificent the previous hour was.

As they returned the lobby, they asked their educator inquiries. “Will it truly be seven additional years?” (5.) once more, another understudy gave a suppressed cry. She recollected that Margot was as yet in the storeroom. She had been there for the whole time that they were outside getting a charge out of the sun-doused climate. They gradually strolled towards the wardrobe where they had left Margot, and they were all apprehensive to move toward it. They gradually strolled to the storeroom entryway, and no commotions were discharged from behind the storage room entryway. They opened the entryway and Margot gradually arose.


Bradbury utilizes an assortment of analogies to portray a picture of life on Venus, a thought that is unfamiliar to us yet recognizable through Bradbury’s language. Not exclusively does his language present to us a reasonable picture of Venus, however it additionally makes the unmistakable sensation of finding the joys of the sun. Venus “was the shade of elastic and debris, this wilderness, from the numerous years without sun. It was the shade of stones and white cheeses and ink, and it was the shade of the moon” (4.) The peruser is right away ready to picture Bradbury’s Venus scene with his illustrative language.

The force of the sun over the youngsters living on Venus is striking. They are pale and dull, truly as well as inwardly. The absence of the sun has not just washed away the shading on their skin yet additionally their sympathy and compassion for others. They don’t acquire this until they’ve invested energy under the sun’s beams. The sun is nurturing for the scene just as the occupants of Venus.

Margot’s underlying rejection from the gathering may address the challenges of coordinating foreigners into a local area. Margot battles to fit in regularly of her experience on Venus, and she doesn’t coexist with different youngsters. They despise her for her past encounters on Earth with the sun, and they are likewise irate and desirous that she has the chance to make a trip back to Earth paying little heed to the monetary expenses. In spite of the fact that theoretical, Margot addresses one form of a settler story.

At the finish of the story, the youngsters who were once excessively critical of Margot start to show up at a comprehension of what she has been feeling since showing up in Venus. They didn’t comprehend her downturn or refusal to partake in specific exercises, principally in light of the fact that they didn’t see how Margot was so delighted by the sun. It isn’t until they invest energy outside, lounging in the daylight, that they start to appreciate the amount Margot forfeited when she moved from Ohio to Venus.

This advancement in the story features a more extensive topic of obliviousness and its quality and nonappearance all through the story. At the point when the kids just knew “sun lights” and couldn’t recollect the last time the sun had shone, the day by day repetitiveness of downpour was not a significant worry in their lives. They were oblivious to the potential advantages of the sun. Since they have encountered the sun and their obliviousness has lifted, it will be a troublesome shift back to the steady downpour. As the downpour falls by and by, they are dispirited when they ask their educator, “Will it be seven additional years?” (6.) They at last understand the gravity of their instructor’s answer.

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