A Case of Dyslexia

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A boy who enjoyed discovery had a compassion FOR ANIMALS HE WAS NOT LIKE THE OTHER KIDS WHO ENJOYED TO TALK ABOUT sports AND SOCIALIZE. HE WAS A VERY INTROVERTED BOY WHO ENJOYED PLAYING WITH HIS IMAGINATION. The stories he created were very interesting and sort of upside down he would have sfishes that swam in the sky and birds that fly underwater. He also like to find pauliar objectes. He loved creating puzzels on his time away from. School.he had a brother that was very inquisitive. He performed well in all of his classes.

On a day that report cards were given  the brother came home so excited to tell his mother the news of how he did in school. When the mother had asked her other son how he did he would not respond he would just say a random fact or find another way to change the subject. The boys parents were very hard on him they saw him as a problem child. They saw it as a sighn of disrespect when the boy would not behave properly. His parents were very clean cut his father was a business man who worked for a huge law firm. His wife was a stay at home that was an expert at keeping the family intact. She would have their breakfast prepared every morning a 6 am. Yet she always struggled with her youngest. He would delay in everything he did. It would take him forever to perform simple tasks like brushing his teeth and changing his clothes for school.

During school hours his mind would wander to the outside streets where he would watch the birds fly. School was a very strict private school dress code, walking in straight lines One day in class his teacher asked him to read a section of the book he started to fiddle with his fingers he could not seems to put the words together. When he heard a few chuckles coming from the other students in his class he knew he had to find a way to cover up his problems. When the teacher had asked him another time to read aloud, he loudly started babbling to cover up his true emotions.

The teacher became infuriated and asked him to leave his classmates saw him as an amusing rebellious child. After his horrific experience in class he started to skip school his brother wrote a fake slip he got caught by his parents and go in trouble. This now led to a parent teacher conference. Teacers think that he is deliberately trying to interrupt class. The parnts were clueless when they saw his results they were appalled suggested that something was wrong parents were in denial they figured that they needed a new approach to learn. Decided that he needed to go to boarding school child begged no.

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