The Environmental Consequences of Littering

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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There are several concerns that the planet deals with and also 2 big ones are the results from littering and deforestation. These particular points impact the world around us as well as our neighborhoods. When people clutter, they harm our oceans as well as when people chop down thousands of trees each day it harms a really crucial plant in the survival of all taking a breath things. The planet is where we as individuals live as well as create. Develop families and friendships that last life times.

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I hate to see the world most likely to such a waste and also wait it by doing points like maintaining plants around the home and recycling, trying to celebrate earth day on a daily basis like I hope a lot more will certainly do after discovering more about the influences these two issues have on the earth.

Worldwide many individuals do not actually see exactly how something as little as a plastic bag or a soda can influence the planet. Actually, a plastic bag and also soda can do not do much but thousands or numerous them do. The clutter adds up at a worrying price and can take many years to break down if they even break down at all. Points like plastic bags and also bottles “can use up to 1000 years to break down” (Just how Litter Impacts the Setting, 2016), and also by then there will certainly simply be a lot more sitting on top of the previous clutter. So, if you believed waiting would simply resolve the issue you are wrong since as the old things is practically gone brand-new stuff will either still be in the procedure or simply placed on the ground. Whenever you suggest with somebody you look after you try not to go to bed upset as well as thus fix the issue. You chat it out not simply soap on more upset misuse or slurs that simply cause the circumstance to become worse so why do that to your residence?

There are neighborhoods out there that are actually efficient keeping the streets and surrounding rivers clean. Our very own Third Ward has relatively clean streets, cleaner than various other parts of the city. The river is not the greatest yet that is why there is a group called the Milwaukee Riverkeeper that works to make the water tidy once again. The program was begun in 2006 and “since that time have educated 230 volunteers who have kept track of near to 170 sites throughout the Milwaukee River Basin”, (Milwaukee River Caretaker, 2016). These volunteers are people from the area attempting to make a change in the air pollution of the water for the river to come to be a gorgeous fishing location. There are numerous days I awaken as well as walk to course to simply smell the odiferous river.

It’s not an excellent smell to state the least. What is a factor the scent is so poor? Well, within the last couple years Lake Michigan has actually had many troubles facing litter and also one huge one in particular is tiny items of plastic. According to chemist Dr. Sherri Mason that was examining the water in 2013, they found greater than 19,000 strands per square kilometer throughout a 2013 sampling run. These tiny strands come from polyester located in sports jackets as well as various other polyester jacks when put through the laundry. The hairs are so small that they don’t get caught up in many filters as well as simply get swept away right into the lake.

These plastic bits can also absorb chemicals and microorganisms, posing a significant risk to aquatic life and our water resources. Anglers and marine awareness groups have been finding small pieces of plastic in fish. The smaller the piece, the easier it is to get stuck in the fish’s stomach or intestines. Fish that consume plastic increase their chances of contracting toxic poisoning. Some toxins found in plastics include PCBs, flame retardants, and polyaromatic hydrocarbons, which can transfer from the plastic to the fish.

In addition to littering in the Great Lakes and oceans, deforestation is a severe global issue. While this problem isn’t as significant in the United States as it is in South America, it is still concerning. Tropical deforestation in the Amazon is happening at an alarming rate and, incredibly, it continues to escalate, making it one of the most harmful deforestation areas worldwide. Deforestation in the Amazon increased by almost one-third in the past year. As if that isn’t worrying enough, 50 football fields of forest have been destroyed every minute since the year 2000. These rapid deforestations are driven by the needs for farming space, mining, and minerals.

Local residents don’t enjoy the profits from deforestation, yet they bear the brunt of its effects. When trees are cut down at an alarming rate, not only do humans get affected, but the local wildlife is also impacted negatively. Any animal living in the Amazon is deeply affected by deforestation, as the trees serve as their homes and protection. The Amazon’s deforestation has “condemned 38 species to local extinction in the coming years, including 10 mammals, 20 bird species, and 8 amphibian species,” and the numbers will only rise with more deforestation happening in the area.

The issues of littering and deforestation are substantial problems that we can combat in small but meaningful ways, such as disposing of garbage in proper trash cans and recycling. If you see litter on the streets, pick it up and dispose of it responsibly or spend one day a week or month collecting litter in your surrounding neighborhoods. Other ways to fight against deforestation include going paperless, planting a tree, or using only recycled materials. Recently, I noticed a Facebook ad about paper made from rocks. It was waterproof and felt mainly like regular paper, but the ad stated that it had a slight grit to it, much like ultra-fine sandpaper. It got me thinking about possibly switching to rock-made paper. There are numerous programs on Netflix and Hulu, and channels like DIY Network, that offer additional ideas to live more sustainably.

Some things they cover are other fantastic ways to be a little earthier each day. Make a garden in your house or yard by constructing simple little boxes to place around the home or out in the yard. Fill them with dirt and plant vegetables and pumpkins for the autumn. It’s satisfying to cultivate your own produce and to just walk outside to grab something fresh for dinner, or make sweet strawberry jam to give to your family and friends. Around my dorm, we keep several plants and always try to recycle as efficiently as possible. Two weeks ago, while waiting for the bus at around 5:30 am, I began picking up trash along the street. Nobody was around, and the silence seemed strange, so I decided to do something productive. After cleaning the block, I felt a sense of pride and satisfaction seeing a sidewalk free of garbage.

As a self-proclaimed “tree hugger,” it pains me to see how our planet is being treated. Growing up in the countryside, my home was nestled among trees. I loved waking up in the morning to the shadows of leaves dancing around my room as the sun rose. If littering and deforestation continue, the Earth will suffer – almost like one never-ending stomach ache and head cold. This treatment of the Earth almost likens humans to a cancerous growth. We, as a species, pollute the Earth and consequently harm ourselves and the wildlife that inhabits it. Reforestation and littering impact how the Earth looks and how it can sustain life – our lives. Unless people open their eyes and acknowledge the environmental crisis unfolding before us, I fear the worst. However, I hold out hope that picking up litter will soon become as popular as celebrities and TV shows are.

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