Strict Consequences should be Implemented to Punish Littering in America

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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In the USA, littering has actually reached an all-time high. Keeping a clean living space is an important part of life. The majority of the trash that accumulates is, in fact, unintentional. Sometimes, littering does occur accidentally. Something might fall out of your pocket or possibly fly from the rear seat of a vehicle out of a window. Not that this justifies the act of littering, but it might not be intentional. However, there are some people who do litter deliberately.

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Littering carries a host of consequences, whether immediate or delayed. Either way, people should strive to ensure their environment remains clean. As some might say, cleanliness is indeed next to godliness.

Our environment is slowly deteriorating because people are too careless to clean up after themselves. Not only humans but animals die every day. Animals have to live on the planet just as much as we do, and when we litter, we make it difficult for them to survive. Simple everyday items that we use can prove fatal to many animals. For instance, some people open a bottle of water and throw the cap on the ground, instead of the nearest trash can. If a small bird or even a squirrel were to get a hold of it, they could easily choke on it and die. Our wildlife is an invaluable part of any ecosystem worldwide. Discarding litter along the streets, in the woods, and in the water is extremely harmful.

Not only is wildlife affected by littering, but marine life is also severely impacted by thoughtless littering. If people thought about the effects of their actions before or after acting, it could make a significant difference. Consider how many people visit the world’s beaches every day. How often do party-goers or spectators decide to clean the beaches after use? Simple items like the plastic rings around soda cans can strangle a fish, leading to its death. Or something as small as a beer can tab. A small animal could easily get the tab lodged in its throat. Not only this, but the animal will experience severe pain if the tab is not removed. These instances create additional difficulties for the few people who actively contribute to their community.

Littering not only impacts animals but also has a strong influence on humans too. Littering can be very dangerous. Things like broken glass and even improperly discarded needles can pose severe dangers. Such items are breeding grounds for germs, and coming into contact with them could lead to an infection. Littering can attract pests which can result in significant health hazards. Accumulated garbage and cigarette butts can potentially start fires when ignited. Throwing out things carelessly can also be considered littering and can be harmful to those around you.

With all factors understood, it is safe to state that littering is not acceptable, regardless of how you view it. Littering is unattractive in its entirety and detracts significantly from the beauty of many places. Being thoughtful enough to clean up after yourself is a small thing to ask of anyone. If people do not care about themselves or others, it should be reminded that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, whatever you put into the environment, you get back. It is essential that we take care of our planet and do justice to Mother Nature.

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