School Communities should be Involved more in Establishing Policies for Littering

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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There are numerous issues with pollution in the neighborhood nowadays. Some of these can be dangerous, while others are harmless to us. A significant problem in our neighborhood is the littering in and around school universities. This might seem harmless to some, but it sets a negative example and can be hazardous for the local flora and fauna. It appears that students these days simply do not care about littering.

Firstly, the Student Council needs to be more engaged and establish a policy for littering.

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They should lead the charge, as they are responsible for addressing such issues. They could share small information clips on the morning announcements about littering, and post flyers around the campus to encourage people to dispose of their trash properly. They could also organize mini team challenges where the team that collects the most trash in one minute wins a reward, for example, being excused from an exam of their choice! Initiating games such as “trash basketball” can make a big difference.

Additionally, the involvement of teachers would encourage students to participate. Students, if reminded daily, might realize their responsibility towards keeping their environment clean. Teachers should be stricter about the trash around students’ desks or near the trash bin. Instead of turning a blind eye to overflowing trash cans and students who scatter trash around the room, teachers should ask someone to take out the trash or take action themselves. This kind of negligence should not occur.

Last but not least, the school should invite small organizations or community leaders to speak to the students about the importance of cleanliness twice a year. For instance, non-profit organizations could explain how litter affects animals’ lives. Police officers could also visit schools more frequently to urge everyone to get involved and explain how littering not only affects them, but their friends as well.

In conclusion, if more people start caring about the litter problem at schools, others will follow suit. Experts and organizations should engage with students to explain how littering affects them and their friends. For example, no one enjoys stepping in gum at school and feeling the sticky residue clinging to the bottom of their shoe. Everyone at school should be involved in keeping the campus clean. As more and more people take action, others will follow. Schools should aim to be litter-free.

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