The Importance of Community Clean-Up Days on Every Weekend from Littering

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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The Importance of Community Clean-Up Days on Every Weekend from Littering

Focusing on the role of community clean-up days in combating littering, this essay highlights their importance in maintaining environmental health and fostering community spirit. It will discuss how regular clean-up initiatives can significantly reduce pollution, enhance local beauty, and encourage responsible citizenship. You can also find more related free essay samples at PapersOwl about Littering.

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In the city of Victorville, the community recently organized an event to help improve the area. This event, aptly named ‘Area Clean-up Day’ takes place once a month. My AVID instructor recommended that my classmates and I participate in the community service to help our city. This kind of civic engagement is a fantastic way to contribute to our futures. However, one question that continually arises is “Why isn’t Area Clean-up held every weekend?” After all, rubbish inevitably returns after our monthly clean-up.

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It is a continuous cycle. A more frequent clean-up, along with a variety of methods brings benefits for our environment. Therefore, the resolution might meet the Four-Way Test. The first criterion of the test is, “Is it the truth?” This issue is real because litter devastates the environment. Cluttering lands makes the environment look disorganized and dirty and this, in turn, pollutes the air. The harmful effects of pollution are detrimental to our environment.

The strewn rubbish could also potentially find its way into our oceans, posing a serious threat to marine life. Despite our city being more of a desert, winds could easily carry the trash beyond its borders. On one occasion, while in a park, I noticed children playing with litter. This encounter brought to light the harmful impact the trash could have on our health. The second part of the test is, “Is it fair to all concerned?” and the answer is, indeed, yes.

All the residents of this city should value and respect their city by maintaining cleanliness. Waste is scattered in various parts of the city, such as schools, parks, and even vacant dirt areas. Though seemingly insignificant, it’s crucial to keep these empty dirt areas clean, as they can harbor unseen harmful microorganisms. Similarly, schools should enforce cleanliness at all times. It’s a shared responsibility between every student and the staff to ensure there’s no litter within the school premises. Weekly ‘Area Clean-up Days’ would be an excellent initiative in schools, parks, and dirt areas. The third question in the Four-Way Test states, “Will it build goodwill and better friendships?” The answer is a resounding yes.

Regular participation in these cleanup days would foster better friendships and relationships through improved communication. This quality is critical because it reflects professionalism and shapes one’s future. A simple act like cleaning up can lead to significant changes by making our world a cleaner and safer place. Participation in these cleanups also cultivates teamwork skills, which is a valuable asset. Higher levels of teamwork often result in fewer conflicts and a more harmonious environment for everyone involved.

For instance, a group of trainees gathered to pick up garbage together. The following day, an individual asks his or her new friend about hanging out. This could lead to new adventures with others. Ultimately, will it be beneficial to all concerned? Yes, it will be. People in this society can be changed by these actions. It can encourage them to view helping out as a positive thing. Moreover, it could inspire people to volunteer more frequently. Community Clean-Up days every weekend can be invaluable to others. It will provide people with work experience and teamwork experience. We certainly want people to inspire others through their excellent deeds. They can influence others to help the world.

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