The Bad Side of Littering and the Projects to Clean the Beaches of Miami

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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Trash is specified as solid waste that has been displaced, either by wind, traffic, or even water. It travels until it gets caught on something, like an aesthetic or fence [Unk13]. Typically, when litter has been placed somewhere, it invites others to add more to the heap, despite the penalties in Florida for such actions. It affects people everywhere, from tourists to businesses.

There are numerous efforts out there to clean up our beaches, yet it still doesn’t seem to be enough.

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If more people aren’t careful about their littering habits, the situation will only worsen. An organization known as the Environmental Coalition of Miami and the Beaches (ECOMB) [ECO10] is one of the most recognized groups fighting against littering. They detailed their plans and actions to give website visitors an in-depth understanding of their campaigns and initiatives.

According to the National Meeting of State Legislatures, the severity of your littering dictates the gravity of your punishment. If the waste is less than 15 pounds or 27 cubic feet, and not for commercial gain, it’s considered a non-criminal violation. The penalty for this is a civil fine of $100, and a possible requirement for litter cleaning. If it’s over 15 pounds or 27 cubic feet, but under 500 pounds or 100 cubic feet, and not for commercial purposes, you could face imprisonment for up to a year, be fined up to $1000, or face both penalties. You would also be required to pick up trash or do other types of community service. If the violation occurred using a vehicle, you may also receive a penalty of three points on your driver’s license [Nat16].

Most people litter due to a habit we’ve unfortunately formed as humans. Many places have added more trash cans, ashtrays, and recycling bins in parking lots, parks, and so on, to encourage people to litter less by appealing to people’s convenience. If disposal is made easy, more people are likely to participate. Blatantly discarding trash, properly recycling bottles, and appropriately disposing of cigarette butts could contribute considerably to making our environment cleaner.

Whether in the ocean or on the ground, anything discarded improperly is subject to the attention of animals. Creatures are curious and tend to explore items left on the ground. This leads to them getting trapped, suffocating, choking, injuring themselves, poisoning themselves, and other detrimental outcomes. As they can’t comprehend the dangers, it is our responsibility to protect them and maintain their safety.

In conclusion, if we want people to litter less, we have to lead by example. The more people who act responsibly, the more likely others will follow suit. Instead of throwing your garbage on the ground, dispose of it properly. If everyone responsibly threw away one additional item a day, it would make a difference. Every action we take, big or small, has an impact.

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