The Boy in the Striped Pajamas: Game Board Cards Q & a

Question Answer

  1. What concentration camp was Shmuel sent to? Auschwitz, Germany
  2. What City did Bruno live in before coming to the camp? Berlin, Germany
  3. How did Bruno and Shmuel meet? Bruno went exploring along the fence line
  4. How many languages could Shmuel’s mother speak? A total of 5
  5. What languages could Shmuel’s mother speak? German, Italian, polish, French and English
  6. How did Bruno and Shmuel die? They wandered into a gas chamber, and got gassed
  7. Who are Gretel’s friends in Berlin? Hilda, Isobel, and Loise
  8. Why did Bruno and his family have to move? His father’s job
  9. Who came and visited Bruno’s family once they had moved? Adolf Hitler
  10. Who is Karl? One of Bruno’s friends from Berlin, whose father is a Greengrocer (a food supplier)
  11. Who is Martin? One of Bruno’s friends from Berlin, whose father is a chef
  12. Who is Daniel? One of Bruno’s friends from Berlin, whose father is a teacher
  13. How does Bruno’s father act? He is kind to his children, but extremely cruel to other people- he works for Hitler after all
  14. What professions does Bruno think is acceptable for men? Greengrocer, chef, teacher, or a commandment
  15. How does the reader know Bruno’s family is wealthy? They live in a five-story house with multiple maids and a butler
  16. What are the rules for Bruno’s father’s office? Out of bounds at all times and no exceptions
  17. How does Bruno act when he is surprised by something? He puts his arms strait out and forms an ‘O’ with his mouth
  18. What does Bruno see outside his window in the new house? He sees the concentration camp, but doesn’t understand what it means
  19. What does Maria think about the soldiers? She feels that they are dangerous, and warns Bruno to steer clear
  20. How does Gretel define ‘The foreseeable future’? Exactly 3 weeks ahead of current time
  21. How to the other soldiers feel about Bruno’s father? They look at him in fear and awe
  22. What was Bruno taught to say whenever anyone said it to him first? “Heil Hitler”
  23. What does Bruno think of their new house? He dislikes it because he missis his friends back home
  24. What is Bruno’s father’s occupation? He is a commandant
  25. What does Bruno miss most about his old home? The banister

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