Adolf Hitler and Responsibility for the Holocaust

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Adolf Hitler and Responsibility for the Holocaust

Adolf Hitler, as the Führer of the Third Reich, played a central role in orchestrating the Holocaust. Driven by a deep-seated hatred for Jews and propelled by his Aryan supremacist ideologies, Hitler set the stage for genocide. However, while he was a primary architect, the Holocaust’s implementation required a vast network of collaborators – from top Nazi officials to ordinary citizens who turned a blind eye or actively participated. On PapersOwl, there’s also a selection of free essay templates associated with Adolf Hitler topic.

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Adolf Hitler became leader of Germany in 1933. Adolf was a soldier for Germany in the first world war. Germany lost the war due to betrayal from within. Socialists, communists, and particularly Jews were blamed. Hitler joined a new extreme right wing party, The National Socialists German workers Party. He would inspire people with his speeches.

On April 1st, 1933 the Nazi party began their plan to remove Jews from society by announcing a boycott against all Jewish-owned businesses. Laws to remove Jews from civil society were enacted on September 15th, 1935.

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One of the laws was to prohibit marriage between Germans and Jews. Overnight from November 9th to the 10th 30,000 Jews were arrested and sent to concentration camps.

Concentration camps were built to hold Jews who performed slave labour until they died. Once WW2 began Jews were required to wear the yellow star of David on their clothing to make it easier for German soldiers to spot them. One million Jewish children, two-million Jewish women, and three million Jewish men were killed during the holocaust. Concentration camps usually used gas chambers to murder the victims. There were 6 concentration camps and Auschwitz on Poland was the largest and first to be built.

By the spring of 1945, the Soviets were approaching the German capital of Berlin from the East and the Western allies were approaching from the West. Knowing that defeat was coming Hitler committed suicide, leaving Karl Donitz to carry out the surrender of the Nazis. On May 2nd the Soviets conquered Berlin. 70,000 German troops laid down their arms in surrender that Adolf Hitler said would never come.

In 1945 when Anglo-American and Soviet troops entered the concentration camps they saw dead bodies, bones, ashes, and many starving and diseased Jews. After liberation many Jewish survivors feared to return to their homes because of anti semitism. A large number of Jews immigrated to Israel. Jews were put in displaced persons camp to rebuild their lives. Only 6 to 11 percent of Jewish children survived. The Jews eventually got their lives back together but the scars from the war will stay with them forever.

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