Adolf Hitler’s Life

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Adolf Hitler, born in Braunau am Inn, Austria, on April 20, 1889, has an interesting history to say the least. He had five siblings and was born to Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl. His father was an emotionally harsh man and didn’t accept Adolf’s career choice in fine arts later on in his life. He attempted to grow as much as he can in what he loved but he changed courses into something he never imagined of doing.

During his early life, Adolf wanted to be an artist, but his dad was very unsupportive.

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His father died in 1903 and Adolf’s mother allowed him to drop out of school. Once his mother died in 1907, Hitler moved to Vienna and worked as an artist. He tried to enroll in the Academy of Fine Arts twice but was rejected both times. At this point in his life, Adolf was living in a homeless shelter and his only income came from an orphan’s pension and money selling postcards. At this point, Adolf started to build up his Anti-Semitism. He fought in World War 1 and his experiences changed his views on the government and the military.

Hitler started to become popular. He spoke against the Treaty of Versailles, a treaty that ended World War 1 with Germany getting struck hard by it. The treaty split Germany up and Germany was forced to pay the countries that it had done wrong to. This set Germany into debt and the Great Depression rolled in. He also spoke against rival politicians, Marxists, people who believed in an economic and social system based the theories of Karl Marx, and Jews. I 1921, Adolf replaced Anton Dexter, the former Nazi Party chairman at the time. Adolf saw his opportunity with the Great Depression and tried for president. He lost the election but used his political power to gain full control over legislative and executive branches. Hitler proceeded to intimidate all other parties into disbanding and in 1933, Hitler’s Nazi Party was the only legal party in Germany.

World War 2 has now started and Hitler is taking over Europe with his Anti-Semitic ideas. He took over countries and expanded his empire. Once Japan attacked the USA, Germany was starting to get into some deep trouble with the Allied powers now introduced into the war. Once Germany was starting to lose the war, they decided to attack the Soviet Union, one of their biggest allies. This caused them to fight the war on two fronts due to the Soviet Union’s decision of switching sides. With defeat approaching Hitler decided to commence the “Final Solution. This was Hitler’s plan for the mass genocide of all Jews. He rounded millions into concentration camps all around Europe. From this point, a various amount of things could happen. Medical experimentation, forced labor, extermination, etc. Some Jews would dig a hole to later be executed and shoved in the hole, they dug their own graves. The Nazis did not stop at woman and children, every single Jew was to be eradicated from this Earth. He did not stop at Jews. Disabled humans, communists, and homosexuals are some of the groups of people he went for. Most of all his attention was set to Jews as he was estimated to kill 6,000,000 Jews up to the time of his death. That is only counting the Jewish population, not the other populations of humans that he decided to go after. An interesting fact about Hitler is that during World War 2, Hitler was a vegan. He did not eat meat or drink alcohol as he believed a person of the superior Aryan race cannot eat or drink anything toxic or unclean.

Hitler’s plan was starting to go downhill, the Allies were coming closer and closer to winning the war and Hitler did not like that. He tried everything to win and not go down in defeat for the second time in the two world wars Germany participated in. On April 29, 1945, Hitler married Eva Braun, his girlfriend at the time. Around this time, Hitler had heard of the execution of Benito Mussolini, Italy’s dictator and Hitler’s ally in the war. He was afraid of falling into the hands of the Allied powers and on April 30, 1945, Hitler and Eva had committed suicide, a day after his special day with Eva. Their bodies were carried out to an open area where their bodies were burned. In summary, Hitler went down as probably one of the world’s worst human in history, and the reasons for this are perfectly revealed in the Adolf Hitler essay. He had over 10,000,000 kills under his belt, created one of the largest executions of a group of humans in human history, and was a failed art student. He created a huge dent in the world around this area, affecting almost all of Europe and created a large mess that would take decades to clean up.

Adolf Hitler’s life is important to know while reading The Diary of Anne Frank because it shows the fear Anne and her family live in. As a child, we wouldn’t expect her to know as much as her parents do about World War 2 at the time but we can infer that the characters in The Diary of Anne Frank act the way they do to avoid getting into the hands of the Nazis.

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