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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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One of the most devastating events to happen in the world caused by a man who could have done good instead of bad. Having thousands stand with him, he could have changed the world for the better. From the essay about Hitler, you can learn that he was not always a jew hating german.. Hitler was once just an ordinary boy who was born on April 20th 1889 in Austria-Hungary. Adolf grew up with a family of 6 being the 4th child born.

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Hitler moved to Vienna in 1907 and historians say that the years Hitler spent in Vienna shaped him into the man he became. Vienna had a large Jewish community but the social climate was openly anti semitic. Vienna had an outspoken anti-Jewish mayor, anti-Jewish newspapers, and magazines. They had no restriction on anti semitism, and historians believe Hitler was very influenced by this. Why does Hitler hate jewish people so much, or was it all a lie and he only pretended to hate the jews to grow his publicity? Many believe that Hitler hated jews, but there are some ways that show Hitler not hating the Jews as much as everyone believes. Hitler tried to set himself up as an artist in Vienna between the years 1908 – 1913 but was unsuccessful. He tried to get into an art school twice after dropping out of high school at the age of 16, but he was turned down both times. Hitler himself believes that the panel members that rejected him were jews.

After being declined on his artistic skills multiple times he decided to join the army, but did not want to serve with the Bavarian army that was so crossed race. Although he had to ask permission to serve in the Bavarian Army because of his Austrian citizenship. Even though he was questioned on how he was allowed to serve in the Bavarian army. They say that he had to of been enlisted through an error by the government because nobody could explain why he was not deported back to austria after failing his physical exam. Throughout Hitlers time serving in the military he received many awards.

Once Germany surrendered and signed the treaty of Versailles agreeing to pay heavily for the war and Germany had to give up large areas of land and pay very high to the allied victors. Serving in the army and losing the first world war had a huge impact on Hitler’s political beliefs and views on the world, especially the jews. He found the defeat of Germany very hard to accept. Him along with most of Germany felt like they had been betrayed from within. Most of the people blamed it all on the jews. Hitler thought that it was unfair that Germany surrendered.

Hitler still being upset watched a group called After watching a group called DAP, which stands for Socialist German Workers Party. The group met occasionally to discuss nationalism and antisemitism. Hitler joined the Socialist German Workers’ Party and very quickly became the leader. Hitler changed the name of the party to National Socialist German Workers’ Party, and also even created the forever lasting symbol of the horrifying army.

The speeches he gave about NON-(Jews) and how Germany should have never surrendered created a large group of followers and inspired people. He noticed that propaganda against Jews and Bolsheviks sounded good to the audiences and the voters. He claimed Jews were responsible for the unfair German defeat and that they were also blocking Germany’s recovery. The Nazi group offered hope and solutions to people’s problems and worries. The Party condemned the unpopular Treaty of Versailles and offered an explanation for Germany’s problems the Jews. Although this was not a new idea in Germany, where anti semitism had been growing since the start of the century, the political situation allowed it to flourish. The followers became massive and led him to be more powerful; overthrowing the government. Could Hitler of lied about being anti-semitic just wanting to grow his publicity to make Germany better again and be the one in charge? One of his famous quotes says “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed. Could he have been lying the whole time about anti semitic just to get people to follow him?

The country had been in crisis for years both politically and economically. Hitler and his party was opposed to the Weimar Republic, and tried to seize power, but they failed. Hitler was sentenced to five years in prison, but did not serve even close to his full time. Hitler only served 10 months of his five years, where he wrote his book, Mein Kampf (My Struggle). His book is full of anti-Jewish passages and his philosophy of the superiority of the German race. The German race strived for power in Europe or face annihilation. Therefore, people with unnatural sexual choices, disabilities and a different race had to be removed from the population. According to this doctrine, Jews were a lesser race and that they were poisoning the German people, so they did not belong there. Hitler’s clever speeches spiced up with anti-Jewish remarks and his ability to organise, made him attractive to the German voters. After the economic crash of 1929, he received more loyal followers who loved violence. After Hitler came into power in 1933 and they successfully put their anti semitic ideas into practice.

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