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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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On April 20, 1889 Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria to Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl. Adolf was the fourth child out of six. Growing up Adolf and his father always butted heads. His father was very emotionally harsh on him pushing Adolf further away from his family. In 1900, Adolfs younger brother Edmund died, and that was when Adolf cut the strings and became detached to his family. At an early age Hitler began showing an interest in German nationalism by rejecting the authority of Austria-Hungary. This nationalism became the motivating force behind Hitler’s life.

When Hitler’s father died in 1903 his mother let him dropout of high school. After Hitler’s mother died in 1907, his life went downhill that is to be believed the build up for his anti-Semitism. When his mother died in December Adolf moved to Vienna where he became a day worker and a watercolor painter. When Hitler discovered his talent for painting, he applied to the Academy of Fine Arts twice but was rejected both times. Hitler received money from an orphan’s pension but soon blew through it buying paint and food causing him to turn to homeless shelters to live.

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In 1913 Hitler moved to Munich where her applied to serve in the German army, and in nine months he was accepted. During the war Hitler stayed away from the front lines, although he was there during the Somme and was wounded. For this exaggerated report he gave about how we was wounded he was honored with the Iron Cross First Class and the Black Wound Badge for his bravery.

When World War 1 ended Hitler went back to Munich where he continued his work with the German military as an intelligence officer. During his time with this job Hitler adopted many anti-Semitic, nationalist and anti-Marxist ideas of party founder Anton Drexler. In September of 1919 Adolf Hitler joined a group called the DAP which soon changed its name to Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP) that was soon abbreviated to Nazi. As this Nazi group was building Hitler decided that there needed to be a flag, so he personally designed the swastika symbol. Being with this group Hitler began to give his hurtful speeches against the Treaty of Versailles, rival politicians, Marxists and the Jews. Hitler knew he wanted to be leader and lead his own militia so in 1921, he replaced Drexler as the Nazi party chairman.

Throwing Drexler out of the chairman position Hitler began giving speeches at a beer-hall that began to attract a regular audience. Most of Hitler’s early followers included the head of the Nazi organization, Ernst Rohm, who protected the meetings and also attacked the opponents. A year after Hitler began having his beer-hall meetings Hitler and the Nazi SA intruded a public meeting between prime minister Gustav Kahr and his followers. In this moment Hitler declared a national revolution and that there was going to be a formation of a new government. This outraged the followers of Gustav Kahr and a fight took out and several deaths were documented. Hitler ended up being arrested and tried for high treason and was told he had to serve nine months in prison.

During his time in prison Hitler saw the perfect opportunity to write a book about his life and his beliefs. In 1924, Hitler wrote his first volume of his autobiographical and political manifesto “My Struggle to his first hand deputy Rudolf Hess. Hitler’s deputy thought that this book was so inspiring that he had it published in 1925 and demanded a second book. Hitler’s first volume was so good they had it translated into eleven languages and sold more than five million copies by 1939. This book told most of his plans for transforming the German society and making one race. In his first volume Hitler went into depth about his Anti-Semitic, pro-Aryan worldview and his sense of “betrayal during the outcome of World War 1. Hitler called revenge against France and the expansion all the way to Russia. When his second volume came out Hitler focused more on is plan to gain the power to put his ideas into action. This book was horrible that was full of provocative sayings showing that the Germans felt displaced at the end of the war.

When the Great Depression hit Germany and millions were unemployed, German showed Hitler a perfect political opportunity. With Germany in such a bind, the country was open to extremist options. Hitler saw this as the perfect time to become a leader he knew he could be. In 1934, the Presidential elections were open and Hitler decided to run against Paul von Hindenburg. Although Hitler lost came in second both rounds of the election, Hindenburg agreed to appoint Hitler as the chancellor to keep political balance. Once Hitler was assigned as chancellor, he went to work trying to make Germany the best he could make it. Hitler formed a de facto legal dictatorship, the Reichstag Fire Decree and suspended basic rights and allowed detention without trial. Hitler decided this was not enough and he needed more power so he engineered the passage of the Enabling Act that gave his cabinet full legislative powers for a period of four years and allowed him to have deviations from the constitution.

Hitler got the act to pass and gained full control over the legislative and executive branches Hitler got his political allies to agree on a systematic suppression. Once Hitler had gained so much power from the Government, his Nazi Party was declared the only political party in Germany in 1933. Hitler finally hit the mark where he was in control of his country and could make the say so in October of 1933 he ordered that Germany withdrawal from the League of Nations.

Hitler’s first violent outrage, Night of the Long Knives, happened June 30 to July 2, 1934. Hitler had his political rivals such as: Rohm, SA leaders and other members rounded up and shot to death. This event was caused because of military opposition.

In August of 1934 the cabinet of Germany created a law that abolished the office of president making the chancellor have the power. This gave Hitler the head of state and head of government title making him the leader. Hitler’s main control that he had wanted for so long was supreme commander of the armed forces.

Now that Hitler was in charge, he enforced strict diets for his soldiers. His self-made diet restrictions were no alcohol beverages or meat. Hitler was fascinated by the Aryan race that he wanted his German soldiers to keep their bodies pure by not putting harmful toxins into their system. Since Hitler wanted his soldiers clean and healthy he took the next step by making Germany healthy. Hitler and his militia started promoting anti-smoking campaigns all across the country to make a difference.

Hitler became fascinated with the power he was controlling and took the next step to far. Hitler trained his army to be the strongest of them all so that they could pull Germany out of the depths and be known as the best country once again. In 1933 Hitler and his Nazi Party beliefs began to make laws and regulations on Jews to exclude them from the society. These rules and regulations lasted all the way to the start of the war in 1939. These laws were acts of Hitler’s Anti-Semitic beliefs and they were issued all through the government making a promise to kill all Jews.

April 1, 1933 was Hitler’s first movement against the Jews, by kicking the out of the state service leaving them unemployed. Hitler saw this as a moment to seize the country he had once dreamed about and continued to kick the Jews out of various things. Hitler began limiting the number of Jewish schools, limited Jews working in medical or professional jobs and took away licenses of Jewish tax consultants. Hitler began ordering his militia to burn “Un-German books and ordered a censorship against anything that was Jewish.

According to Adolf Hitler Biography article, “On September 15, 1935, the Reichstag introduced the Nuremberg Laws, which defined a “Jew as anyone with three or four grandparents who were Jewish, regardless of whether the person considered themselves Jewish or observed the religion. The Nuremberg Laws also set forth the “Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honour” which banned marriage between non-Jewish and Jewish Germans; and the Reich Citizenship Law, which deprived “non-Aryans of the benefits of German citizenship. (date)

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