The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Summary

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In the movie “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” a German family in Berlin is moved from their home due to Ralf the father of Gretel and the main character (Burno), Ralf and his wife Elsa took the kids to Auschwitz to be closer to his “work.”Ralf was a soldier for Adolf Hitler military durning WWII. Burno an eight year old boy with nothing better to do went “exploring” one day and stumbled upon a concentration camp, but Burno had no idea what accurd behind the electric fence. He finds a boy name Shmuel, they become acquainted and he finds that Shmuel is also 8 years old.

Burno was curious as to why he was wearing “pajamas” and why was he in a fenced area alone. Shmuel tells him he’s Jewish. As the movie proceeds, Burno visits and waits for shmuel every chance he gets. But with Burno’s father being a Soldier fighting the enemy that is being the (Jews) he’s confused to why the Jews are the enemy in the first place. He wants to believe that his dad is not the reason for them being in the camps so he snoops on him and his other soldiers and see the propaganda the nazi distribute to show how nice the concentration camps are.

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So Burno is more confused then ever, as his mother finds out the deadly truth about the smell in the air of all the bodies burning from the camps. Once Elsa knew the truth behind Ralf’s “work” she makes a quick decision to leave Auschwitz with the children because that’s no place for kids. But Burno just making a bond with someone new didnt want to leave, so to make up for getting shmuel beat for “stealing” food which Burno gave to him and got caught by a guard/soldier, he wanted to help shmuel find is pa. Burno with the help of shmuel snuck into to the camp just at the wrong time they’re called for a shower. Burno starts to have a bad feeling about it but it was to late. His family looks for him just to find that he was dead.

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