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Updated: Sep 07, 2023
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The discussion of abortion has been around for a long time. Generally, the contentions for this point are either that the embryo has the privilege to live, and others say that each woman has the privilege to have a say on what goes in and out of her body. This essay opened my eyes to see that there are far additional reasons to consider for this discussion. This topic is not black and white like other topics that are debatable.

I have always been a man that was pro-choice, but I have been close-minded to those that feel abortion should not be pro-choice.

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In this essay, you will learn the pros and cons of having an abortion. Also, this essay will explain the harmful ways abortions can hurt your body in positive and negative ways. Additionally, It will help give an understanding of why women have abortions and why they do not decide to have them.

Part Two: The Other Side: Against Abortion

When it comes to abortion, two of the main reasons why people are against it are because of the negative side effects, which are health and psychological problems. One of the first reasons I will be discussing is the negative side effects. The dangers required with abortion are exceedingly pressing concerns among supporters.

Health Risks Associated with Abortion

Health risks involved with abortion include a higher risk of breast cancer, a higher risk of having a miscarriage, and the death of the mother. A claim that went against abortion and was supported by Angela Lanfranchi, M.D., a breast cancer surgeon, says that evidence shows induced abortion has a higher risk of breast cancer(Lanfranchi). Nonetheless, the studies that propose this causation are from old and past examinations performed with a lot of errors in those methods(Arthur). More up-to-date, more managed statistics give no proof, and the National Cancer Institute negates the claim of an increased risk (Dudley).

The conclusive examination that is regularly acknowledged was performed on 1.5 million Danish women, and the study shows there is no risk (Wise). Chances of having a higher risk of a miscarriage are higher if the woman becomes pregnant a couple of months after the abortion. (Zhou). Nonetheless, if there are a good six months between the abortion and the next impregnation, there is no increased chance of miscarriage (Zhou).

This data is steady with the general well-being counsel of dispersing pregnancies to help the solid improvement of the fetus. The last health claim that abortion hazards the life of the mother can likewise be refuted. In spite of the fact that issues, for example, torment, dying, drain, a gash of the cervix, menstrual aggravation, and different difficulties can be related to abortion, these inconveniences are uncommon (‘Is Abortion Safe’). Careful fetus removal can be exceptionally sheltered, particularly when performed in the principal trimester (Dudley).

Of legitimate premature births, just a single passing happens in every 160,000 cases. This is multiple times, not exactly the hazard related to labor (Dudley). In this way, it tends to be unmistakably observed that fetus removal offers no increased risk of breast cancer, miscarriage, or demise.

The mental impacts of abortion are likewise heatedly debated. Post-Abortion Syndrome, or PAS, alludes to the negative emotions a woman may have after an abortion (‘Psychological Complications’). Manifestations may incorporate medication or liquor misuse, sexual brokenness, issues seeing someone, low confidence, or endeavored suicide (‘Psychological Complications’). Despite the fact that instances of PAS do exist, they happen among a small level of ladies who normally have late-term premature births and fit certain other troubling socioeconomics that may expand their condition of dejection (Wendy).

Most women who have experienced fetus removal report positive feelings of alleviation and joy (Wendy). Further, the American Psychological Association has expressed that they locate no legitimate verification of PAS and that most women encounter sentiments of fulfillment (Dudley). This data demonstrates that the mental effects of abortion are overstated and that negative outcomes happen once in a while in the populace.


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