My Understanding of Abortion

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Life has a beginning and an end and every individual knows this, as much as they may not want to know or understand it. An abortion, however, brings a thought to many people within our modern society: Is a baby alive before it is born? There are many ways to look at this but scientist have found out that there is an age of viability, where a baby is considered alive after a certain period of a woman’s pregnancy. Before this period, the state will consider the fetus non-living.

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The morality of having and carrying out an abortion is also debated among our modern time, mostly a debate of whether or not having an abortion should exist. Personally, I believe an abortion clinic should be allowed in every county, however those who do have an abortion should receive physical and psychological therapy before and after the abortion.

There are many ways to have an abortion, there is a spontaneous abortion, which is when a pregnancy ends on its own, mostly known as a miscarriage. Then there is an induced pregnancy, or a pregnancy that is ended of choice through surgery or medicinal abortions (Staff F.E. 2018). Some form of psychological evaluation as well as physical examination should be taken before anyone is allowed to go through with an abortion. These examinations should be taken with the father to see if both parents of the unborn child know what they are going to do and understand what may be a result of an abortion including physical side effects and psychological side effects. Both parents should also be evaluated to see if both parents are in agreement to have an abortion since the mother may want to have the child but the mother decides to let the father have his way and abort and vice versa. Therapy should also be given by the state after an abortion since a mother and/or father may have depression and guilt due to aborting their unborn child and could also cause problems within their relationship, further increasing the divorce rate. Physical therapy may also be needed for the patient since she may still exhibit signs of a continuing pregnancy, heavy menstrual bleeding, severe cramps, foul-smelling discharge, and other symptoms (Association, A. P. 2016). People who are experiencing these symptoms should have the ability to have a health care provider, readily able to deal with these complications caused by an abortion, given by the state to help ease or prevent all the physical pain that may result from having an abortion.

Women may also experience emotional and psychological differences from their normal behavior after having an abortion. Woman typically feel emotional and psychological symptoms after an abortion rather than physical symptoms ranging from mild regret to severe depression (Association, A. P. 2016). I feel as though those who feel mild regret were women who did not want children and so during intercourse, these women had an accident like a broken condom or unprotected sex. The women who were having depression possibly wanted children however had an abortion for their boyfriend or husband in order to make them happy, not realizing what they wanted.

I believe that men are also affected by a woman having an abortion. If a woman I love is going to have my child, I want to be happy as much as I cannot have the child at the moment because having children is a life goal with most individuals. However, if my girlfriend/wife were to have an abortion just to keep the relationship the same, I would be a bit depressed because I would have missed out on the chance to experience a relationship with my first oncoming child. This is why I believe that people who are going to have an abortion should go to therapy beforehand, to make sure both partners are comfortable with having an abortion since the result could affect both people.

Having an abortion clinic in every county has its good points but could bring about a negative look of people. In 2014, of the 90% of United States’ counties that did not have an abortion clinic, 39% of women lived in such counties and had to travel to other counties in order to get an abortion (Institute, G. 2018). This could put a bad look on Americans because it shows that our government does not care for the couples in this country who may need an abortion and it also makes people in this country seem uninformed about contraceptives to prevent a woman getting pregnant. From the standpoint of other countries, they would say having an abortion is a sin due to the taking away of a life within a woman. For these women to have to travel miles just to get an abortion means these women find it more important to end the child’s life and continue their own life rather than to take the responsibility of raising a child. This is not just the view of those outside of our country however, within our own country, people believe that by having an abortion, you are committing murder and should feel ashamed. Guilt tripping people into not going through an abortion is not okay and every individual has the right to make the decision whether or not to go through an abortion.

Although having an abortion is up to choice, when to have an abortion should also be limited. A first-trimester abortion is one of the safest medical procedures and is also the most moral choice a woman can make when wanting an abortion (Gynecologists, A. O. 2015). Having an abortion afterwards only makes the risks for side effects and errors during a procedure to increase as well as making the extremes more likely to happen like depression or death. Morality also comes into question at this point because people believe that after the first trimester, which is when the zygote is developing into a fetus and is just a bundle of cells, there is a living baby within a woman’s stomach and getting an abortion afterwards is literally killing a baby. This is still up to debate within our scientific and political fields. Some would even say that the moment they are pregnant, the baby is already alive and must be protected from any harm. Most people are not that extreme however and know that after the first trimester, a fetus is considered living since most of its organs and brains would have developed and teratogens could affect the baby severely at this point.

I believe an abortion should be allowed because people have the right to have control over their body and anything they regret should also be their own to bear. If they decide to try and have an abortion after the first trimester, they would be committing a crime because in most states it is illegal since their age of viability is within the first trimester, and they would be looked at as careless and heartless since they would be ending the unborn child’s life. An abortion has its pros and its cons but at the end of the day, every individual human being has the right to make the choice of having one or not and no one should be able to take away that right.

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