A Content Analysis of Anti Abortion Advertisement

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The advertisement I chose to do was on Abortion. In this advertisement the author is hold a newborn baby that has not completely formed around this picture there is a representation of unborn baby’s seeking for help. There trying to grab the audience attention by making us understand that it is not the baby’s fault let’s give them a chance at life. The effect this advertisement is targeting the audience is by speaking up for all those unborn babies who are not at fault for our wrong mistakes there is many other ways to go rather than abortion.

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On the advertisement I chose the caption says “ the child has no voice, which is why it depends on you”, the whole purpose of this quote is to inform us that if we do not speak up for all those children than who will they have not done anything bad to harm us, it is our own fault not theirs so why take away the life of an innocent little human being. Abortion is such a sensitive and personal subject. In my humble opinion, an abortion should only be considered if the mother’s life is in jeopardy or the child has some major mental and/or physical problem that would make it where he/she would never have a meaningful life.Otherwise if you are not ready for a baby then you always have the option of adoption, if you are not ready for a baby you can give your baby up to a loving family who will love and provide for the child. Same thing for a child conceived from rape if the mother feels she can not raise the child herself. It is not the child’s or the mother’s fault that the child was conceived from rape. Give the child to a good and loving family. Abortion is expensive, physically painful, and often very traumatic to the woman who goes through with one. Many women feel guilt, remorse, regret, cry, have nightmares, and dream about their child. Many have increased difficulty around the anniversary of the abortion and the anniversary of when the child would have been born. Many remember and think of their child often, even envisioning what he/she would look like, be like, etc as time goes on. It often feels like the hardest thing they have ever done in their lives. Also try explaining it not only to your family or friends, but future kids if you should have any. Assuming that you will be able to have kids. Some women can not after an abortion (scar tissue). Would anyone really want to go through all this by terminating a pregnancy just because it is inconvenient?? I obviously think a woman should have a choice in what she does with her life. The thing is, abortion is murder; no matter how far along you are. No matter the situation, give the child a life and a loving family, through adoption. when you get an abortion, you don’t give the child a choice in living. I definitely do not support abortion. If a person gets pregnant, than it’s their fault that they were irresponsible. Protection fails and people know that. Using protection doesn’t necessary mean a person is being responsible. They have to be responsible for all consequences; including the ability to raise a child. If they can’t, then they’re irresponsible. Abortion stops another person from living their life. Rape or cases where the child is physically harming the mother is something different, the whole point of this advertisement is for all human to think twice about your decisions don’t harm a child over a bad mistake, ask for help At least give the child a chance. It’s better than full on killing them. Let the baby fully develop and give it a chance at life.

I found this advertisement super successful and important in today’s society because there is so many young woman that are getting pregnant at such a young age and most of them are alone with no support system, but no matter how down you are feeling do not kill your child give it a chance to live maybe that child will change your life around and give you happiness and love you never felt before.This is a whole child they are not a choice. All preborn babies feel pain they can feel your every movement and feel your emotions.I think abortion is wrong as far as the life being aborted can be considered living. At that point you are ending a life regardless of whether it feels pain. This is whole pain argument in total nonsense. If pain was the only issue you could fix that by giving the foetus anaesthetic. The exception is if abortion is necessary to save the life of the mother, or, the life inside is in danger. Life is the issue in my mind. However, just because I in most cases would prefer not to abort, I don’t think mothers should be forced to do what they don’t want to do. This is a balance between the mother’s right to decide her own child’s life and the right to life in general.

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