Let’s Talk about my Abortion Article

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Why is something that requires two people, almost always considered the woman’s problem? Every answer to this question is different, more aggressive in some cases, but it narrows down to basic human rights. Now you may be asking “What the hell is she talking about?” and I can assure you, we will get to that. I’d like for you to first put yourself in a situation: You’re given a puppy, yet you’re allergic to dogs and absolutely do not have the resources to take care of this “dog”.

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What are you to do? Obviously, you’ll either accept the gift and deal with the allergies or you’ll stop whatever may happen before it starts. In this case, many women around the world struggle with a situation similar to this, but not with a puppy. The topic of choice is the word that seems to carry such a heavy weight behind it, and that is abortion.

In the article “Let’s Talk About My Abortion (And Yours)” written by Cindi Leive, she talks about, you guessed it, her abortion. She speaks about many famous people, Including Whoopi Goldberg, and the comfort that came with knowing that she was not alone in her decision of an abortion; finding out that her mother also had one, along with her mothers’ friend and many college peers. In this article, Cindi explains that women pay the ultimate price when they receive an abortion due to backlash from those who simply don’t understand. Leive explains that there are less abortion clinics now than there were in day, as well as the fact that many laws have been passed to now outlaw abortion after six weeks in some states. With these chilling facts, she also includes the statistics that ninety percent of American counties do NOT have any form of planned parenthood or abortion clinic. Many books have been written by survivors of the more violent cases, once again including Ms. Whoopi Goldberg and the terrifying store of her coat hanger abortion at the age of fourteen after being assaulted. The theme of her article though, is that “No woman owes an answer about whether she has or hasn’t.”. I, as a woman, completely agree with Cindi.

No woman must owe an answer on whether or not she has had an abortion or even thought about it. The laws stated in the article, paired with the statistics are frightening. They threaten the future of the young females who may not have the chance to do as they please with their own body, possibly afraid to express themselves. The point of abortion is not murder, and in most cases the mother feels comfortable with her decision. The backlash, however is what often times hurts the mother the most. There are many safe ways to end pregnancies, such as “at home abortions” which previously meant a coat hanger, now a pill given earlier in the pregnancy that is painless for both the mother, and “child”. With the recent news however, at home abortions may revert back to being the most unsafe method of a coat hanger because the decrease in abortion clinics, and the increasing negative attitudes are leading to women choosing to use these unsafe methods. In my honest opinion, no one has a place to tell a female who considers an abortion what to do, unless they plan on helping with whatever reason may prevent her from keeping the child.

Abortion can often be a less expensive way for mothers to end their pregnancy. Many pro-life advocates believe that putting a baby up for adoption is the safest and most reasonable way to ensure the mother isn’t doing anything “unreasonable”, although adoption can be a very expensive, strenuous process and the adoption/foster system isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. What is a mother to do if the baby is killing her from the inside or possibly a product of rape or sexual assault? Pro-life advocates tend to still believe the mother should put the baby up for adoption or raise the child, and even wanting the mother to risk her life so the child can be born. Imagine believing that a woman should be forced to raise her assailant’s child as he often remains free! Attitudes like these, especially in government officials (who are often men), are dangerous due to the lack of knowledge they seem to hold, in addition to ignorance.

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