Effects of Abortion on Young Women

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Updated: May 16, 2022
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Abortion is defined as the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. It is a controversial conversation that most people avoid having.  Abortion is different than most issues in politics, because it directly impacts women, rather than men. Young women being targeted over the last forty-five years, has changed the way the public views abortion and what it does to women. A rise in physical complications, mental health problems, and the modern wave of feminism are the effects of legalized abortion in the United States.

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One effect of abortion, is the risk of physical difficulty. When a young woman enters an abortion clinic, she is told very little about the actual procedure which will terminate her pregnancy. However, the woman must be told that by having an abortion she will be at a high risk for uterine perforation, cervical laceration, infection, hemorrhage, future pregnancy complications, and even maternal death. Abortions take on these side effects because it is an extremely unnatural happening in a woman. A ladies body begins preparing for its future child when puberty begins in the early adolescent years. Once puberty does hit, the body begins preparing its eggs for fertilization. A healthy, fully-functioning woman then prepares every month for the eventual conception of a fetus. When a woman gets pregnant, the body uses all its nutrients from the uterine lining for the growth and protection of the fetus, as the body has been preparing for since puberty began. During the abortion process, however, the mother’s body goes from nurturing and providing for her unborn child, to suddenly having the child removed. This change is not the same as any other procedure because it is done in a variety of ways and all of them disrupt the function of a woman’s reproductive system. An abortion goes against everything a woman’s body has been training for and is biologically programmed to do, which leads to a surplus of physical complications during the pregnancy, abortion, and in the woman’s future.

Although physical complications are an effect of abortion, the mental issues caused by abortion are equally as important. The overall mental health between women who have had abortions in their late teens years and early twenties, and those who rejected abortion while pregnant in the same age group, is vastly different. After a woman has an abortion, the body is often confused at absence of her unborn child. The body responds similarly to that of a miscarriage. Post-abortion patients have a strong correlation to many emotional issues long-term. These psychological side effects, which usually begin to appear about one year after the abortion has taken place, can include, but are not limited to, fatigue, migraines, irritability and detachment. Unfortunately, these effects commonly lead to depression and miscarriages in the future. These side effects impact women 25 years old and under at an extraordinarily high rate, compared to those who have rejected abortion. Most women in these ages, however, are predominantly unaware of the ramifications their abortion might have.

Those who are uneducated about abortions usually envision abortion the same way as any other operation, when in fact it is very divergent. The termination of a healthy pregnancy is unnatural and causes both physical and mental problems. This change is not the same as any other procedures because it is done in a variety of ways and all of them disrupt the function of a woman’s reproductive system. Abortion providers (e.g. Planned Parenthood) target young women because they are the most uneducated group about what happens in an abortion. Ladies in their early twenties are vulnerable to the things they hear from organizations and propaganda, especially when being on their own for the first time in the life. Young women who become pregnant often have lots of pressure to get an abortion whether due to family, school, or finances. They are singled out by a political message, yet the message doesn’t tell these young ladies exactly what an abortion entails. Those who are more educated about the various types of abortions and practices, are less likely to have an abortion themselves. Interestingly enough, the chances of a woman having an abortion decrease as she gets older. This fact, and many others, show the way pro-choice propaganda specifically influences young women. This is what the modern-day feminist movement endorses and encourages. Seeing that women are the only one who actually have abortions, men are shut down by feminist groups by claiming the other side is sexist or patriarchal. Abortion is the root of modern day feminism because it preys on vulnerable young women who think they are being defended, when they aren’t truly discerning both sides of the argument concerning whether abortions are healthy or ethical.

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