Abortion Illegal: Reproductive Rights and the Abortion Debate

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Updated: Sep 07, 2023
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In many states they are making abortion illegal because many think it’s murder or that it is wrong. But who are these people to tell a women what or not what to do with their body? Many may say that abortion is a sin or is just simply wrong but what if the women is not stable enough to bring a kid into this world or what if the female was raped. Nobody is going to help these women raise a child.

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Statistics show that 32,101 pregnancies result from rape each year in the United States. Some of these female were young, just kids. How do you expect a kid to take care of another kid especially if the girl did not have any say in whether she wanted a baby or not.

Sex protections are not always a sure thing. Condoms rip, birth control fails and many more things can go wrong. These are natural things that happen women should have a pro right and a choice to decide to keep the baby or not. Having a baby is NOT easy or cheap. Raising them is not easy either to be able to have a baby you must be an smart adult, many kids do not have the right mindset to raise a baby. It is a huge responsibility to have a kid and i think that if the female that is having the baby is not ready to be a mother she should have a right to abort. We all do mistakes and we learn from them.

Some may argue that the best thing to do it give up the baby for adoption. But adoption can be a long and stressful process. Especially for the kid, growing up around other strangers and not having anything family can be hard. And kids do not always get adopted 428,000 are in foster care in the united states. Some of these kids spend most of their life in foster homes. Until they are 18 then they are on their own to face the real world. Why make a child go through that And most of them do not head the right way. And most of the time we do not truly know who these kids go to. There was a case back in october 2 2012 about a father raping 3 of his adopted daughters. And this is what i mean, why risk bringing a kid into this world and putting it into adoption without knowing what will happen to him/ her.

Females should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies If they do not want to bring a child into this world they should have the decision to have it or not. It is their first amendment, The first amendment protect the decision of these women. There was an article about a young women that wanted an abortion but it was illegal in her country. The reason why she wanted an abortion was because she was very ill and having the baby was hurting and killing her. She was denied a abortion so she had a illegal one and she ended up dying. There are many cases like this one, where moent get denied to get and abortion because it is illegal but i think that they are still going to do it regardless so might as well make it legalized. Situations like this increases the risk of women into having an dangerous abortion.

Men sometimes force women into having kids but who is a man to tell a women what to do with their body? Many women suffer from violent abuse with their partner and is sometimes force to have the baby. But in most of these cases the child grows up being violently abused as well as the mother. These women can prevent a child from going through all this trama by having an abortion. Women do not only think about themselves when they think about abortion but they also think about the baby’s future or what problems it will have.

I met somebody who was pregnant and was on drugs throughout her whole pregnancy. She said that she wanted and needed an abortion because she knew she wasn’t going to be a good mother to her child but she didn’t have enough money to have the abortion. She was on the streets and was not stable at all to have a child.She mentioned that throughout her whole pregnancy she was no careful and she would take drugs she wasn’t supposed to take.

Little by little she damaged the baby that was inside of her. And when the baby was born the newborn had heart problems and many more. Overtime the baby was not getting the treatment he needed and died. The reason i am telling this story is to show that abortion can help prevent a baby from growing into a bad environment. Giving women the opportunity to abort can stop many future problems.

Making this abortion law legal can have many good outcomes it can help many women all over the world. It can also stop many deaths. Making this law legal can also help make the population in foster cares go down. It can save a women a lot of problems and a lot of money without the adoption process. Women should have the right to do whatever they want with their body. As long as it is in their body nobody should tell them what or why not to do with it. Unless they want to take care of a baby they should mind their own business .

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