The Complex Debate: Exploring Abortion Laws and their Implications

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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The Complex Debate: Exploring Abortion Laws and their Implications

Abortion laws vary widely across countries and carry with them deep-seated beliefs and controversies. This essay would navigate the ethical, medical, and sociopolitical facets of the debate, examining the implications of different legislative approaches on women’s rights, societal values, and healthcare systems. More free essay examples are accessible at PapersOwl about Abortion topic.

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There has been a disputed discussion in history among religious, political, ethical, moral and practical grounds when it comes to the case about abortion. Abortion law forbids, allows, limits and governs the availability of abortion. Abortion laws alter to a high degree by country. For example, three countries in Latin America and two others in Europe ban the act of abortion altogether. In other countries like the United Kingdom contains the abortion act of 1967 that clarifies and prescribes abortion as accepted by the law up to 24 weeks (Regan, Lesley, & Glasier, “The British 1967 Abortion Act).

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Should abortion be legal? As the law prohibits or else regulates abortion, I gradually do not agree with it. To my knowledge and realization, abortion is essential to some women. Following this, below I am going to give some reasons why abortion should be legal. Firstly, abortion founded upon law is way vital to women.

For an instant, when a woman is raped or sexually molested she sometimes gets pregnant. Following that act of rape, she feels that she does not want ever to have a look at that baby. Shouldnt this woman possess the right to put away with that fetus? In my case, I would opt to do away with a kid that I do not want to see. Additionally, if some women who have undergone that situation get a chance to look at those children, they will go through stigmatization.

They will be mentally disturbed whenever they remember what they went through at a glance of those children. Therefore, in such situations, these women should be allowed to abort the fetus. Moreover, it is essential for these women to abort the fetus because eventually, they will die because of stigmatization but when they have the baby aborted will protect the life of the mother. Secondly, the laws formulated to prevent abortion kill women. The fact is that even when these laws are implemented, it cannot stop women from doing it. Whenever these women feel that abortion is the solution, they will go on and commit it. Especially those women who are sexually abused or raped. Nothing will make them from committing the act even if it is doing it in secret. They will do this in dangerous measures even without proper or no medical care putting their lives in extreme danger.

In the United States twenty years ago before abortion was legalized, estimations show that almost million women committed illegal abortions per year. Accordingly, thousands died, and much more ranging from ten to hundred thousand got maimed. Also, abortion by the law protects the health of women. An abortion that is by the law not only shield the womens lives from danger, injury, destruction, or damage but as well as their health. Many women that go through legal abortions are healthy.


In conclusion, abortion should be permitted by the law because of many good reasons. Whenever a woman is allowed to abort a child she does not want to see she will be healthy and happy. Also, there will be a reduction in death rates of mothers who try to commit the act of abortion in secret in many countries saving many lives.

Legal abortion is an ideal way that can aid many women and continents in the entire world. I entirely come to terms and agree with the abortion that is founded on the law, though I know that in some cases it should not be legal. For it to be clear that legal abortion is necessary, the government should use all means of promotions and advertisements to passing information to mothers on the advantages of abortion that abide by rules.


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