Exploring the Pros and Cons of Abortion: Understanding the Controversy

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Updated: Jun 14, 2023
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 The morals is the one that dermein many aspects in our daily lives. The decisions make the biggest impact on the outcome in the future for each individual. Conservative have always made the decision that they will not support abortion. Abortion is brought in political elections to religious teachings and many avoid the topic to prevent confrontation.

The view of a Conservative when it comes to abortion has always been against. Conservatives have been criticized for been so firm when it comes to the controversy issue.

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They claim that that fetus had an opportunity to have a good life and by ending its term will no longer have that chance to make a difference. One that Conservative that hold in the descions on abortion is that vital organs are already developed.

Organs that produce sensory like touch and sight are being formed are the factors for to untimely make the descion not to have the abortion. The decision should not come just because speech is not produced. Allowing the nature to take its own course is still one of the reasons. The claim that skin cells created by humans are already created in the fetus and with that been said the fetus is a human. In the moment of conception one single cell is produced.

The conservatives that hold to the heart their point of view they claim that simple single cell, life has been created. Example was given where if a finger was created by clone and then it was destroy because of the experiment, it also it was robbed of life. Conservatives make the argument that in the past women didn’t know that what they intake was for the fetus.

With evolution they were able to figure out that it has a correlation. In the present having the knowledge why take the life of the fetus. Conservatives also claim that know lily they wanted to create a child and now they want to end the life in their eyes. No excuses are to be held on the women having the child. It’s obvious that in life many “curve balls” acure and they have to be dealt with.

The lives will be altered because of the hardship but it simply adapts to the challenge. One example its explain that as in nature it takes own path. The path that nature takes should be respected and left alone. It should be in consideration that not only the women’s life’s will be altered but also of the fetus if not taken care of. The fetus is scientifically studies that it responds to mothers environment.

Children when born in a very difficult situation usually have issues when adults. It has been correlated that children psychology are affected due to events as child. Conservatives have traditional values that are held in part of the ideology anything that alters the outcome they are against. The conservative and religion goes one on one. In Christianity abortion is considered as the biggest sin.

The killing of other person is among the worse action other human can commit. The majority of Conservatives are against same sex marriage and other controversial issues due to religion. Many understand that under certain circumstances the abortion is the best outcome. Pro-choice is preferred better that pro- abortion it comes to bottom of what is best for the fetus. The reason because of having premiscues life is not acceptable to end the life of the possible individual that will create the cure for cancer.

Liberlism have the ideology that women have the right to choose if they want the choosise to have abortion or to take other route. The progressive 


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