Protection of Endangered Species

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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There are diverse environments in Texas from woods to deserts, Texas offers us something different around each corner, such as a rare jewel. The Meadows Center glass-bottom boat tour offered me a chance to ride a historic glass boat, seeing much native wildlife throughout, with the exception of a few invasive animals. While peering into the crystal-clear water, I was able to spot hundreds of springs pumping water into the surface. During this glass-bottom tour, I was able to grasp new information while seeing the unforgettable attractions at this remarkable nature park including astonishing wildlife, bubbling springs, and the phenomenal water.

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The Meadows Center focuses on the value of water and the protection of the environment. Promoting research and leadership to make sure Spring Lake stays clean in order to preserve the environment for future generations. Flowing from Aquarena Center and ending in the Guadalupe River, about seventeen-five miles long of pure natural beauty all over Texas. Aside from being an eye-catcher, It is home to some extraordinary organisms such as animals, plants, and several endangered species. The conflict or the decreasing number is attributed to the loss of habitat, leaving animals and plants to die. With that said, I was keeping my eyes peeled all along the way for endangered species that make those waters home such as the Texas blind salamander, Texas wild-rice, as well as the other beds. In order for us to do our job and fix the conflicts, we must maintain these waters clean and reduce the number of trash and chemicals that go into the water, as well as stop putting invasive species in the water, all those contribute to the environment, harming everything.

Down the water, over two hundred springs bubble up to form this lake, where historical landmarks can be seen. This dates back to the ice age and natural history even further. What made people back then attracted to this landscape and still as of today are the crystal-clear waters that remain a constant seventy-two degrees year-round. Capable of providing fresh water near local areas, It is one of the main sources of water for some places. The springs also make it impossible to drought, meaning that there is always water in it. Apart from being the main key to supplying the water, it also creates an opportunity for animals to eat. As the springs pull water into the surface it kills small animals, providing food for the fish and bigger animals. The springs found in the water are an essential element of keeping the environment running smoothly.

Spring Lake offers some of the clearest, and rarest waters: freshwater. With freshwater making a small fraction of all water on the planet, It is becoming harder to reserve it. With seventeen percent by water, only 2.5 percent of it is fresh. With that being said clean freshwater is not always available. Leading to conflicts as we’ve seen in California lately with the demand for water increasing, it decreases the supply leading to clashes. Lucky for us, here in Texas we nothing to worry about as the springs pumped water, every day. This water found in the lake is crucial to all of us and must keep clean at all times.

In the end, this critical habitat, located in this geographical area holds endangered plants, animals, bubbling springs, and phenomenal water. Making it imperative for us to keep the environment clean in which they live clean at all times. This lake along with the river contributes so much to this community and local areas that it would make life a disaster without them. In conclusion, this boat tour made me learn new things, about our local lake, all of which I liked due, to my love of the outdoors, making it one of the most spectacular places I been to. 

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