Of Mice and Men Consists

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Of mice and men consists of many different themes. I believe that the main themes in of mice and men are friendship and loneliness. Even tho these are almost opposite themes they both make up the main theme in my opinion. Of mice and men is a great read that relates so well to the time frame that it was written.

George Milton and Lennie Small are the two main characters in of mice and men. They are travel companions that travel in search of any work that they can get there hands on.

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Lennie is a bit slow and has always had George there to care for him. George is always saying that he wishes he didn’t have Lennie and that he would be free without him. George never means any of this. George loves Lennie so much that even when Lennie messes up and loses them both a job George always stays loyal to Lennie. The story quotes The little man jerked down the brim of his hat and scowled over at Lennie. So you forgot awready, did you I gotta tell you again, do I? This shows that George always gets mad at Lennie but always loves him.

Loneliness is also a big part of of of mice and men as well. The men that work bucking barley are all lonely. Each of them wishes that they had a companion like George and Lennie. Candy is the swamper of the farm he is a very old man. The only thing that Candy has to keep him company is his old dog. This just shows how lonely he is. Crooks is another character in the book. Crooks is a black man that is always being picked on by the rest of the workers. He is very lonely because he is a black man and in that time era people of color could not stay in the same rooms as white people. Crooks is jealous of the relationship that Lennie and George have. He wishes that he could have a companion or someone to keep him company.

Lennie and George are both different from the rest of the men that work in that time period because they both have each other they don’t have to waste all their money and go out as lonely men. Georges plan is that Him Candy and Lennie will all have a little farm and that they can all just live off of the farm and not worry about having to always work. Lennie and George both have a reason to plan for their future and plan of making their lives better because they both have each other. All the other men have no reason to ever plan ahead or make something more out of their lives because they don’t have someone there they are all lonely.

I think that the author’s main purpose of writing this book was to show what it really means to have a companion or a friend there that you can rely on. This is why at the end of the book when Lennie causes to many problems and Gorge realizes that Lennie is just going to keep hurting things Gorge is the one that ends up killing Lennie. This shows that George has little meaning in his life without Lennie. If Gorge doesn’t have a companion like Lennie than he has no reason to go start a farm and he has no reason to make a better life for himself.

Even if Gorge got mad at Lennie for some of the things he did he still always loved him and was always loyal to him. Gorge ended up killing Lennie because he realized that Lennie was going to keep causing problems and that going and having a farm was just a dream and that it would be impossible. I believe that Steinbeck included Candy in the book because Candy is the result of a man Lonely for most of his life. Candy Ends up as an old man still just a swamper.

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